Laser Decals

Laser Decals

Laser Decals you make yourself!

New Cool photo transfer decal system create your own images on a computer, print them on a laser printer and fire onto a cone 06 glaze or glass.

Decal Paper: Clear Laser Water-slide

What it is... A decal paper that needs to be printed with a HP laser 
printer and then is soaked in warm water, like a decal, placed on a fired 
non-moving glaze and then fired to cone 06.

  • Ceramic Decal Paper -Package of 10

    0.2 lbs.

    Ceramic Decal Paper High Quality Packages of 10


    Laser Printer Image Transfer Kit for ceramics

    Fired-On Images is the only product that:

    ·        Enables artists of any skill level to create amazing works of art

    ·        Perfectly renders high quality graphics, text, handwriting, and photos 

    ·        Is specifically manufactured for kiln firing

    ·        Is laboratory-tested permanent, food safe, and dishwasher safe

    ·        Works on any fire-able surface, including store-bought tiles and tableware

    ·        Includes foolproof step-by-step instructions and precise firing temp. guide

    ·        Provides tips on colorizing sepia images using on-hand supplies

    ·        Is backed by expert customer support

    ·        Works with any HP or Canon black-only laser printer (*not for use with inkjets or color laser printers)

  • Fired-On Images Book

    3 lbs.

    Fired-On Images Book.

    Slim booklet packed with info on firing Laser Decals.

    • By Terrie Banhazl
    • ISBN# 971-1-4276-4389-6
    • Paperback, color illustrations, 20 pages.
  • Printing on HP 1018 Laser Printer


    Printing on HP 1018 Laser Printer