Art Clay Silver

KM822 240 Volt 17.5" x 22" Cone 10

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Skutt KM-822 Electric Kiln

Perfect Small Studio Kiln– Easy to Load  

Part of the New 22” Series, the KM822 offers 4.5” more height then the KM818. This doesn’t sound like much until you need to add another shelf or want to fire a taller pot or sculpture. Fire a 18” tall piece with all the proper clearances. The 22” height coupled with its Cone 10 capability and small space requirements make it a perfect kiln for the home studio.It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate. 

Also available in model KM822-3 with energy saving brick.

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Art Clay Silver

Art Clay Silver, Gold & Copper Clay


When Art Clay Silver is taken out of the package, it is a slightly moist lump of clay (Image 1). The clay is composed of 1-20 micron sized silver particles, organic binders, and water . The clay is then molded into its desired cool shape, and dried. Once the clay is completely dry it can then be filed, carved, and sanded; after which it is fired with a gas stovetop, butane torch, or kiln.

During the firing process, the organic binders burn away and the resulting silver particles "sinter", becoming denser and stronger (Image 2). The burning away of binders and sintering of metal causes the piece to shrink 8-10% in overall size while retaining the original form. Once completely fired, the remaining piece is composed of 99.9% pure silver.   Examples of the three different firing methods:

Improvements in the new formula:

  • Better workability compared to original formula and 650 formulas
  • Longer working time than original, 650, and 650 Slow Dry formulas
  • For syringe, the ratio of silver has increased so that the syringe better holds its lines
  • Only 8-9% shrinkage
  • Similar drying times as original and 650 formulas when using applied heat (such as a hair dryer, warmer, or dehydrator)
  • Easier carving and filing in the dry stage
  • Quicker and simpler reconstitution from dried clay; new formula clay is meant to absorb moisture well
  • Fires similarly to 650 formula (30 minutes at 1200°F, on a continuum to only 5 minutes at or above 1472°F) 
  • High quality finishing and shine

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