USG Plasters

Olympic 10 sided 27" tall Genesis Kiln

250 lbs.

USG Plasters

USG Plasters, greensoap and release

Mix plasters by weight not volume, each plaster has it unique USE number.

How to mix Plaster:

1. Always weigh out the amount of plaster you need, then look up the water by weight percentage. For example USG # 1 Pottery for making molds uses 70% water to plaster. So 10 lb. of plaster requires 7 lb. of water. First weigh out the plaster you need, take that amount and multiply it by .7,(point 7), (7/10) this gives you how much water to use.

2. Generally speaking the larger the percentage of water the softer and more absorbent the plaster will be. The harder the plaster the less water used.

3. Hot water will speed up the set time and cold water will slow it down.

4. Place the water in a suitable sized container. Always add plaster to water. Pour the plaster into the water and let slake for one minute. Mix by hand or with a Jiffy Mixer, being careful not to suck air into the plaster. When the mixture is lump free it is ready to pour; don’t wait for it to start to thicken.

  • Release Greensoap Tincture Pints

    2.75 lbs.
    Release Greensoap Tincture Pints
  • Release Greensoap Tincture Gallons

    18 lbs.
    Release Greensoap Tincture Gallons
  • Casting Fiber 1 Bale (37 LBS)

    40 lbs.
    Casting Fiber 1 Bale (37 LBS)
  • Purelube Release Gallon

    18 lbs.
    Purelube Release Gallon
  • Purelube Release Pint

    2.75 lbs.
    Purelube Release Pint
  • LUCY Mold Trim Knife

    0.1 lbs.

    Lucy Knife Red Mold Trimmer (Fettling, Fettle)

    This tool works great it will not scrape the plaster off your molds. Proper mold fettling makes the greenware cleaning easier.

  • Plaster Usg#1 Pottery (50 Pounds)

    $18.14 As low as: $14.90
    52 lbs.
    USG No. 1 Pottery Plaster
    Highly uniform, USG No. 1 Pottery Plaster is noted for outstanding performance and long life. The standard of the industry, it is the best material available for sanitary-ware and dinnerware slip casting.

    Use 70% water for the weight of a given amount of plaster.

    Buy 1 bag = (50lb).  in other words if you buy 50 you will get 2500 lbs!

  • Plaster #1 Moulding (50 Pounds)

    $17.72 As low as: $14.41
    52 lbs.
    Plaster #1 Moulding (50 Pounds)
  • Sale

    Cerami-cal Gypsum Cement

    Regular Price: $30.71

    Sale Price $14.28

    52 lbs.

    Plaster Ceramical (50 Pounds)

    Used for pressing clayware – CERAMI-CAL® Gypsum Cement provides a controlled density, smooth-wearing, die material formulation.

    Designed specifically for use with the RAM™ automatic clay-forming process.

    NOTE: These 60 bags were manufactured on 07/2014 and are old, but it is very dry here in Albuquerque NM and we believe it is still good. We have tested it and it works. Make sure you follow the mixing instructions exactly. Price is good until we sell out of inventory.

  • Plaster Hydrocal 105 (50 Pounds)

    $31.81 As low as: $24.69
    52 lbs.

    Plaster Hydrocal 105 (50 Pounds)

    A formulated HYDROCAL cement for dental stones with controlled expansion.  

    Colored yellow for identification. 

    To 100 grams hydrocal 105 add 42 grams of water

  • Plaster Hydrostone (50 Pounds)

    $29.76 As low as: $22.30
    52 lbs.
    Plaster Hydrostone (50 Pounds)
  • Plaster Hydrocal White (50 Pounds)

    $24.07 As low as: $19.18
    52 lbs.
    Plaster Hydrocal White (50 Pounds)
  • Plaster Dental Lab (50 Pounds)

    $23.11 As low as: $21.51
    52 lbs.

    Plaster Dental Lab (50 Pounds)

    Laboratory plaster quick setting plaster, use 65-70% water     Psi 2000  soft. 

    set time  6-8 min.