Specialty and Metallic Glazes

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KMT1022 240 Volt Cone 10


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Specialty and Metallic Glazes

Duncan Specialty Products SY

All products are discontinued, and are here for historical reference.

Specialty Products For creating a variety of special effects, including texturing and antiquing looks.
This fired dimensional product produces billowy white texture that simulates snow. This specialty glaze is used mainly as an accent glaze on Christmas items and to create fun accents on animals and can be applied up to 3/4-inch thick. 

Metallic Glazes : This must-have collection of specialty glazes have been favorites of ceramists for years. With these subtle metallics, you'll be able to create the special finishes that make your work unique.

Metallic Glazes present shiny to matte polished finishes that transform ordinary surfaces into dramatic works of art. All glazes fire to cone 04, with the exception of SY 1024, which fires to cone 06. 

Kiln Required: Yes     Cone Firing Range: 04 (SY1024 fires to cone 06)

Finish: Metallic     Coverage: 3 to 4 coats

Food Safe: No     Nontoxic: Yes

Available Sizes: 4 oz., 16 oz.   

Characteristics: Glaze thickness, clay body and firing can influence results.

Due to their metal-like nature, Metallic Glazes are great for use as a Raku glaze.

Metallic Glazes can be combined with other Duncan glazes to create unique effects.  They can flow more when firing on a vertical surface than other gloss glazes.  

How To Use

  • Apply 3-4 flowing coats to witness cone 04 bisque.
  • Fire to cone 04. (Note: SY1024 Antique Pewter fires to cone 06.)
  • Do not fire with greenware or other glazes.
  • Clean brushes and work area with water. 
  • Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
  • These glazes are not overglaze compatible.


  • Metallic Glazes are applied to cone 04 bisque, then fired to cone 04 (SY1024 Antique Pewter fires to shelf cone 06).
  • These Specialty Glazes are not formulated to be fired with greenware, as the greenware fumes will damage the glaze and ruin the finish.
  • Great for use as a Raku glaze. 
  • Apply Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over the top of colors to create color variation.
  • Apply Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over the Metallic Glazes and fire to recommended cone per label instructions. Then apply decal and fire to recommended cone for decal. 
  • Base coat with any glaze color, apply Wax Resist, then apply Metallic Glazes colors to create metallic specks.
  • Apply a splash of Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze over colors and apply a Heat Patina* to create interesting effects.

*Heat Patina is a process accomplished by applying heat with a propane torch to the work post firing until the color changes. Be careful not to crack your work!