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Amaco Products

Amaco Glazes and Velvets underglazes. 

In 2008 we Celebrated 90 Years as a Leader in Safe Ceramic Programs with 40 Years of Brent Innovation for Pottery Wheels

  • Amaco Potters Choice High Fire Glazes Cone 5-6

    Amaco Potters Choice Glazes
    Cone 5-6 (PC)

    Potter's Choice glaze series were intended for the serious ceramicist! 

    These eye-catching glazes add flowing colors and effects to smooth or textured pots, with great results at Cone 5/6.

    When using these glazes you have access to all of pottery making history. Check out the PC Layering charts to see all the amazing results you can try in your own studio!

    • Reduction Effects in Oxidation 
    • Variety of Colors and Surfaces 
    • Cone 5 / 6 
    • Limitless Layering Combinations!

  • Amaco Celadon Glazes

    Glazes Amaco Celadon Cone 5-6(C) Celadon

    Like the beautiful ancient glazes they are modeled after, the AMACO Celadon glazes are glossy, transparent, and pool beautifully to add vivid accents to textured and carved surfaces. These playful celadons come in many colors and are 100% mixable- great for finding that perfect color!

    •Translucent for textured surfaces 

    •Mixable colors for custom palette 


    •Shown on White Clay 

    •Cone 5 / 6 

    •Look great under Potter's Choice Glazes (3 coat/ 3 coat)

  • Amaco Velvets Underglaze

    Amaco Underglazes Velvets (V) 

    Saturated color, dependability, and versatility make Velvets as popular for professionals as they are for children. Velvets fire true-to-color as a Cone 05/06 underglaze or fired to Cone 6. Some colors remain true as high as Cone 10.

    Download the Velvets at cone 05, 5 and 10 Poster

    Try two finish possibilities: When left unglazed these colors have the rich textural appearance of velvet; when covered with AMACO clear transparent matte of Clear Gloss they intensify in color. Can be easily applied to wet clay, greenware, or mature Cone 04 bisque (1971F / 1077 C) 

    •Saturated Color 

    •Apply to unfired clay or bisque 

    •True to color 

    •Can be used with or without glaze- Food Safe with proper glaze. 

    •Cone 05 to 10 


  • Amaco Shino Glazes Cone 5-6

    Amaco's Shinos Gloss and Matte cone 5-6  

    Influenced by the humble earthiness of tea ceremony bowls, our Shino glazes give a traditional high-iron look to any high fire clay body. Beautiful on textured or smooth clay bodies, blendable to get the right degree of matte or glossy surface.

    Shino glazes can also be layered with our PC line of glazes for different effects.

    • •Heavy Iron reduction look in oxidation 
    • •Suitable for Red or White Clay 
    • •Blendable to get gloss or matte variations 
    • •Food safe 
    • •Cone 5
  • Amaco Satin Matte glazes

    Glazes Amaco Satin Matte 5-6 (SM) 

    Satin Mattes break slightly over edges and texture and boast a soft satin feel. These glazes are formulated to be 100% mixable (except for Orange and Red, which have a different base.) Use Clear Satin to lighten color tones, Satin Black to create shades, and Satin White to create tints.

    • •Satin Surfaces 
    • •Mixable (with exception of orange or red) for custom palette 
    • •Food safe 
    • •Cone 5 / 6
  • Amaco Opalescent Glazes 06

    Opalescent Glazes 06-05 from Amaco

    (O) Opalescent

    Although AMACO® Opalescent Glazes may be used on any nmclay clay, they develop their greatest opalescence and most interesting textures when applied over red burning red earthenware Red Clay No. RL6. The AMACO® Opalescent Glazes have a high gloss finish when fired. Best results are achieved with three or four applications of glaze. On textured ware, the glaze flows thin on relief and thick in incised areas, giving an added dimension on the surface.

    •Best over Red clay or colored Underglazes 

    •Break and Pool Over Texture 

    •Cone 05-06