Coyote Glazes

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Coyote Glazes

Coyote Glazes Cone 5-6 Glazes

Coyote  provides bold, bright,  colors for your ware. The look of reduction in an electric kiln. Durable and not runny, these glazes are equally suited to both decorative and practical ware.  They combine great with other Coyote glazes, especially the Archie's and Shino series.

Coyote Glazes and Underglazes are evaluated by an independent toxicologist.  None of our recipes use lead and all are non-toxic in the liquid state.  

All Coyote Glazes are 15% off!

  • Fantasy Glazes

    Fantasy Glazes for a mysterious variegated look

    Fantasy Glazes can vary dramatically in appearance depending on the clay body used, the thickness of application, and in some cases, the firing. They can be runny, so it's important to test carefully.

  • Vibro-Colors

    Vibro-Colors to add a bright pop of color!

    Vibro-Colors are as stable and reliable as Enduro-Color Liner Glazes, but loaded up with colorant for a vibrant pop. They do not run, resist scratching and crazing, and look pretty much the same in all firing cycles.

  • Texas Two-Step Oil Spot Glazes

    Texas Two-Step Oil Spot Glazes

    The Texas Two-Step Oilspots are a specialized series that use pairs of glazes to create unique effects. Anywhere that one of the five overcoats is laid on top of Licorice, Coffee Bean, or Brick Red, a stunning spotted pattern will appear during firing.  Thicker applications lead to bigger spots. Try using wax resist after the first layer to create negative space designs.

    Texas Rose, Marshmallow, Licorice, and Sea Mist. Artist: Sharon Galbraith

  • Copper & Iron Glazes

    Copper & Iron Glazes

    One of the most varied series from Coyote, the Copper and Iron Glazes provide beautiful, traditional looks for ceramic wares.  They each have their own properties, but most are durable enough for functional ware.  

    Oxblood. Artist: Susan O'Connor

  • Mottled Glazes

    Mottled Glazes

    The Mottled Series are designed to produce beautiful variegated colors with ease. Simple to apply and suitable for all types of ware, these colors are stunning on their own or combined with other glazes.  They may appear thick in the jar and should be applied thick.

    Fire Opal over Black. Artist: Alan Stopper

  • Satin Glazes

    Satin Glazes

    Satin glazes have a soft, opaque surface that feels smooth to the touch.  Durable, bright, and reliable, they are the perfect series for any functional potter seeking a contrast from more typical gloss glazes.  They are not runny, are easy to use, and look great with the Archie's series.

    Charcoal Satin and Shino. Artist: Betsy James

  • Gloss Glazes

    Coyote Gloss Glazes

    provide bold, bright, solid colors for your ware. Durable and not runny, these glazes are equally suited to both decorative and practical ware.  They combine great with other Coyote glazes, especially the Archie's and Shino series.

    Pansy Purple. Artist: Nancy Mayo

  • Matt and Crawl Glazes

    Matt Glazes 

    Our Matt glazes are a favorite series for sculptors everywhere. They provide a strong color tone and nice variety without a glossy finish. They are very stable and reliable, almost never running or behaving unexpectedly.


    Crawl Glazes

    Perfect for potters looking for something unusual, our Crawl glazes have a tree-bark surface that's rough and dry to the touch.  To achieve the crawling effect, they must be applied very thick, until the dry surface of the glaze cracks before firing.  They can also be used over underglazes.

    Photo:Carrie Anspach White_Crawl_inside_Cactus_Crawl_

  • Archies Base Glazes

    The Archie's Series can be challenging to use, but rewards your skill with some of the most beautiful glazes available.  They flow and interact with other colors dramatically, creating fantastic finishes unlike anything else possible in an electric kiln.  They are also strongly affected by slow-cooling. 

      May not fit all clay bodies. Test for shivering on your clay.

    Store in a warm place. Crystals may form in liquid glaze if kept below 65 F

    Test all foodware to determine food safety.

  • Coyote-Pints

    Coyote Glazes in Pints
    Cone 5-6

    • Enduro-color Glazes
    • Constellation Glazes
    • Crystalline Slow-Cool Glazes
    • Shino Glazes
    • Archie's Glazes
    • Frank's Colored Celadon Glazes
    • Matt Glazes & Crawl Glazes
    • Satin Glazes
    • Gloss Glazes
    • Mottled Glazes
    • Copper & Iron Glazes
    • Texas Two-Step Oils pot Glazes
  • Coyote Underglazes for cone 5-6

    Coyote High Fire Under Glaze.

    Coyote Underglazes are the only commercially available underglazes specially designed to be fired at cone 5-6.  The colors can be mixed, and stay true and stable up to cone 10 in oxidation.  They are always bold and striking, and are suited to functional ware when covered in Coyote Gloss Clear and fired to cone 6. They can be used on either greenware or bisque.

  • Coyote-Sets

    Glazes Coyote Cone 5-6 Sample Sets

    • Set of 12 4 oz. jars of the most popular products
    • Cone 5-6
    • For Brushing
  • Coyote-Gallons

    Glazes Coyote Gallons Cone 5-6
  • Coyote Glazes Cone 5-6 Dry

    Glaze- Cone 5-6 Coyote Dry.

    We go get the glazes from Coyote (2 miles away) when you order.

    So don't worry if they are in stock

    All Coyote Glazes are 15% off!

    Dry Glazes Information and Mixing Instructions

    Coyote Glazes are available dry for your convenience, in 5, 10, or 25 lbs. bags.  Dry glazes contain the same ingredients as the wet glazes (minus the water) and can be used to brush, pour, dip, or spray.

    Quick Facts

    5 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately half a gallon of water (every glaze is different, check the label) and will yield about three quarts of glaze. 

    10 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately one gallon of water and will yield about a gallon and a half of glaze. 

    25 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately two and a half gallons of water and will yield between three and four gallons of glaze. 

    When mixed with water, Coyote dry glazes are suitable for brushing, pouring or dipping, and do not require the addition of any suspension or brushing ingredients; if they need it, it's already in there. 


    Quick Mixing Instructions

    • Wear an appropriate respirator and gloves, and use adequate ventilation when mixing.
    • Measure the amount of water recommended on the label (or just a bit less) into a clean bucket.
    • Slowly add the dry glaze while stirring continuously. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bucket and mix thoroughly.
    • Screen through a 60 mesh sieve.
    • Dip and fire a test piece; if too thick, add a small amount of water and retest.

    Tips and Troubleshooting

    Because most of our dry glazes include CMC and bentonite they may take a little longer to dry than you are used to with dipping glazes, but they dip very well, stay suspended in the bucket and can also used for brushing. At Coyote Clay School & Studios we dip everything, with excellent results. 

    Don't be tempted to add more water than is suggested on the label without testing! Every glaze is different, and each label has a suggested water content for that glaze. Some of our glazes will be quite thick when mixed according to the instructions on the label. Glazes that work best with a thicker application will be thicker in the bucket, and glazes that work well with a thinner application will be thinner. 

    Some of our glazes, especially the Mottled Glaze series, gel when left undisturbed. Mix them vigorously and they will thin out with no additional water. We highly recommend a drill with a mixing attachment for mixing glazes. 

    There are a lot of variables in how much glaze ends up on a dipped piece, so mix up your glaze, then dip and fire a test piece! You may find that you prefer your glaze a little thicker or thinner than we do. By keeping accurate records of how much water you use, you can reproduce your preferred glaze thickness well. 

    Because hydrometers are misleading when measuring thick materials, here at Coyote we determine specific gravity by weighing a particular volume of glaze. If you want to reproduce exactly the consistency of our liquid glazes as we sell them, you will need a 500 milliliter flask and an accurate scale. 

    To measure the specific gravity of a glaze: Tare (subtract) the weight of your flask from the scale. Fill the flask exactly to the 500 ml mark with glaze and weigh it. If your glaze is heavier than the target weight, add water and re-weigh.

  • Enduro-color Glazes

    Enduro-Color Glazes are designed for durability. They are perfect for liner glazes, standing up against fork and knife marking, dishwashers, and tomato stains. Enduro-Colors resist acid, chipping, crazing, scratching, staining, and all other hard use factors.

    Test all foodware to determine food safety.
  • Coyote Shino Glazes

    Coyote Shino Glazes

    Cookie Plate with Shino Glaze over impressed texture , by Terri Balden).jpg

  • Frank's Colored Celadon Glazes

    Frank's Colored Celadon Glazes

    Frank's Colored Celadons are a beautiful series of translucent glazes.  Because they can be seen through, they are perfect for work with fine details or carving, or as an alternative to clear for ware with underglaze.  They do not run and look great on their own or combined with other glazes.