Clay Descriptions

FireBox 8 x 8 x 6 2230F 115V

Regular Price: $850.00


FireBox 8 x 8 x 6

 2230F 115V

  • Single Phase 115v 15amp 1800watts 2250F max temp ^6 Dimensions 8” 8” 6”
  • Built in Programs for Glass, Ceramics, and PMC
  • Write your own programs with Ramp/Hold
  • Plugs into standard household voltage.
  • Easily stores away in a closet when not in use.
  • Approximately 8" x 8" in. in diameter and 6 in. high  0.22 cubic feet, fits one 6" bowl.

Fire Ceramics, Glass, Metal Clay...this kiln does it all with easy to use preset programs.


Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled. Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:

  • ● 7" x 7" shelf
  • ● 3 1/2" posts
  • ● 1 lb Kiln wash
  • ● Manual
  • ● Instructional DVD
  • Thermocouple

 The low mass of Skutt thermocouples ensures that changes in temperature are measured quickly making it one of the most responsive thermocouples on the market. It should be noted that the thermocouple of this unit is different from other models. It is bent downward to provide more room in the firing chamber.  

KilnMaster LT Controller

 The KM Firebox 8 x 6 LT digital now comes standard with the most versatile 3-button controller on the market. The KilnMaster LT now has nearly all the features of the standard KilnMaster in a compact 3-button controller. Small yet powerful.

New Mexico Clay Pugged Clay Bodies

Clay, Low Fire Cone 04

WHITE EARTHENWARE WLO: A smooth white clay. Our most popular clay with schools and teachers.  Excellent for all types of modeling projects.  Compatible with all commercial glazes.
We go to great effort to make this clay smooth.

CREAM WARE: A new talc free smooth clay that feels really smooth and fires a cream color. 

WHITE EARTHENWARE WITH SAND: A very smooth body  better for kids work than the WLO Same as above but added fine white sand provides strength for larger forms. Compatible with all commercial glazes

SHEEPDOG  lowfire earthenware with fiber, our version of that Papered Clay! Our fiber doesn't rot, and will fit most commercial glazes. lowfire sculptural body 04-06. It contains 5% fine white sand and our superfine nylon fiber.

TAXIDERMY Non firing, air dry clay with fiber. Will adhere to armatures, let dry, cover or paint.

SHEL’S Outdoor sculpture body has an absorption rate of .3 % at cone 02. Great for colorful outdoor sculpture. 

W.E.S. White earthenware for sculpture: Finally a low fire white clay for sculpture that fits all Duncan and Mayco Glazes.

STORYTELLER (APSW): A light tan to pink colored earthenware . An excellent plastic throwing body. Compatible with all commercial glazes.

RED EARTHENWARE RL6: A smooth red clay. Perfect for hand building. Fires from an orange at Cone 016 to a red at cone 06 to a brown at 02.  Beautiful when burnished.  

APS RED: Similar to RL6 in color, but with the addition of 90 mesh sand, this clay body is more rugged and  better suited for  wheel work. Perfect for functional ware.

JONIES CLAY: Same as APS Red with 5% grog for working larger.

MANZANO : Manzano Red clay is one of the first real N.M. Clays. It is mined from the Manzano Mountain area, it is then ground and airfloated. The Manzano clay body also contains 10% fine sand from Placitas, the sand has been screened and washed. There is some talc, from south of El Paso Texas, to help with glaze fit. And  1% Mica for pretty. Unfired clay is green color

MICA WHITE AND MICA RED Two new clays similar to Indian pottery from around New Mexico, Mica historically was mined near Taos. Can be glazed if bisqued to 04. Burnish and fire to cone 010.

RAKU 2000*: A rough white clay body designed to take the rigorous handling of Raku firing.  This body throws well and is perfect for large sculpture or slab work. Contains Kyanite and grog. For best results bisque to 08

CLEANOUT CLAY: White or Red , we don’t know what is in it exactly, but they are fine for most kid’s projects. If you try some and like it better buy the whole ton. 

Clay, Mid-Range Cone 5-6

PECOS PORCELAIN: NEW formula- True porcelain with good plasticity suitable for throwing SMALL useful and  serviceable tableware.  It has good translucency at cone 6 and is great for wind chimes or jewelry.  

CASHMERE: A smooth throwable porcelain. New Mexico Clay's  version of all those B-Mixes out there. Same body as Cashmere slip. 

MAGIC CLAY A new product from New Mexico Clay, Magic Clay is a fibered Cone 6 smooth, plastic, porcelaneous body. The fiber is extremely fine and burns out in the firing. Works like paper clay but doesn’t rot.

COLUMBINE: A cream white clay that is easy to throw and form. Excellent glaze results. Smooth porcelain texture contains extremely fine sand you can’t feel. Pugged soft.

WHITE STONEWARE WH8: midrange white stoneware with 10% sand.  An excellent plastic throwing body.

WHITE STONEWARE ROUGH WH-Rough for tile . A Tile clay that your glazes will not craze on. 

OCHRE: A plastic throwing body, also good for  small sculpture and hand-building.  Based on goldart stoneware clay, adapted from a Richard Zakin formula.

SUPER SCULPT 2000!: New buff sculpting clay, not too rough but toothy, contains pyrophillite for excellent strength and has a wide firing temp from 5-10, even stands up to wood firing at cone 11.

ANASAZI 5: Cone 5 version of original cone 10 ANASAZI it  is an outstanding, all purpose, medium texture, moist clay. Durable and affordable, good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, light tan to yellow in oxidation. 

ANASAZI 5X same as above however the addition of a larger amount of red clay gives it a warm brown color.

SANDIA RED : Semi smooth red body with sand. Fires paver tile red in oxidation at cone 5, more chocolate in reduction

MARILYN’S BOD. A red brown stoneware excellent for throwing and functional ware.

TERRA-COTTA TC: Similar to red Earthenware in color at 04* but lighter, chocolate brown at cone 5, with good quality grog and fire clay, this clay body is more rugged and  better suited to large sculptural pieces. Cone 04-5.

RED SCULPTURE:  A sculpture, tile and throwing body, very plastic that fires red-er at cone 5 to red-brown at cone 6. Can be used for sculpture at cone 04. Glazes will fit this clay at cone 6. 

ChoCoLate: A Dark Hershey brown smooth clay, almost black, glazes look cool and fit! Best results fire medium speed to cone 5 and hold for 10 min. 

* Glazes will craze at normal firing temp. Not food safe.   

                 Vase By Gary Parker


Clay, High Fire Cone 10


SRUBEK: All Grolleg kaolin NO ball clay. 2-5 formula.  Genuine Japanese style porcelain translucent and white.

DOMESTIC: A new NO ball clay porcelain, Throws great, has a nice white color and fair translucency. White as the grolleg porcelains, but is 30% cheaper and throws way better! We used 3 kaolins and 2 plasticizers to create this new body. Best for crystal glazes.

CK-MIX : A cream white clay that is easy to throw and form. Excellent glaze results. Fires off white in reduction lighter in oxidation. Smooth porcelain texture. Our version of B-mix

CK-MIX WITH PURE SILICA SAND: This is a nice cone ten white stoneware, perfect for dinnerware. Throws great, feels smooth before and after it is fired. Fires a pleasing white to gray. Will show off bright glaze colors.

Stoneware Clays Cone 10

NMSOL: All California fireclays give this versatile clay body a pleasing sunny California  toasty warm color in reduction. Our sand doesn’t pop out giving the body a smooth texture after firing.

HIGH HILLS II: Our version of the popular Missouri fireclay, Goldart, ball clay and grog type stoneware. Very forgiving and throwable clay for production potteries. Tan to gray brown in reduction, medium texture. Jeff Zamik approved body

STILLETO:  High Hills with no extra iron so it has a slightly lighter look.

ANASAZI 10: An all purpose orange brown to yellow firing clay. Anasazi has a beautiful color whether fired in an electric kiln or gas, did great in the Anagama kiln, with no sign of bloating, and beautiful flashing form the flame. DON’T OVER REDUCE!!!

SUPER SCULPT 2000!: Buff sculpting clay, not too rough but toothy, contains pyrophyllite  for excellent strength and has a wide firing temp from 5-10, even stands up to wood firing at cone 11.

ANN’S SODA AND WOOD FIRED WHITE STONEWARE:  Our Cone 10 soda and flashing body contains 2 Kaolins (Helmers is one) for whiteness, and stoneware and sagger clays for flashing, also has 10% fine grog. A creamy color in oxidation, a grey color in light reduction.

Laguna Clay Pugged clays

Laguna Cone 5-6 

B-MIX CONE 5: A smooth cream-white colored throwable porcelain 

Frost Porcelain: Finally a white translucent porcelain for cone 6, looks amazing and is expensive.

AMADOR-5X: Cone 6 version of original cone 10 AMADOR with extra iron. 5X is an outstanding, all purpose, orange brown, moist clay. Durable and affordable, good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, light chocolate in oxidation.

SPECKLED BUFF a buff clay with pronounced speckles that bleed into a glaze. Smooth texture.

S-B RED: Medium texture bright red body with sand and grog. Fires paver tile red in oxidation at cone 5, more chocolate in reduction

B-3 BROWN: A pliable BLACK clay with smooth grog and color from Manganese and Iron. Fires black when reduced, and a pretty good black in oxidation. 

WESTSTONE II: Excellent general purpose clay, Slightly coarse texture, yellow-brown in oxidation, warm brown in reduction. 

SANTA FE: Medium coarse, excellent throwing body a golden tan adobe color. 

WS-5: A gray white body with 70 mesh sand. Fires a textured gray/white in reduction and a buff/white mottled surface in oxidation. Care should be taken when used for functional ware, not vitrified in most cone 5* firings. Glazes may craze. Can be fired to cone 10.

Laguna Cone 10

SOLDATE 60: Soldate 60 is a gray clay with a high sand content and is pugged firm which makes it an ideal choice for large thrown pieces and sculptural forms. Fires to a yellow brown under medium reduction, it has a coarse texture.

AMADOR: Is an inexpensive, all purpose, orange brown, moist clay. Durable and affordable, good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, lighter in oxidation. 

LB BLEND: Long Beach Blend is an excellent, very fluid throwing clay, which is also extremely popular for throwing open forms, small to large. It is brownish pink in its raw form, light brown reduced and buff in oxidation. Includes iron and 60 mesh sand

B-MIX : A cream white clay that is easy to throw and form. Excellent glaze results. Fires off white in reduction lighter in oxidation. Smooth porcelain texture. 

B-MIX W / SAND  with 10% 90   mesh sand for texture and speckle.


FROST PORCELAIN 10: Finally a white translucent porcelain from New Zealand kaolin, looks amazing and is expensive. Imported. Cone 10

COLEMAN  porcelain from Aardvark, Cone 10, The whitest most translucent formula possible, NO ball clay, contains new secret plasticizer

Clay, Custom Blending

We will custom blend your own clay body, (Or one of our clays harder or softer, smoother or rougher)  at no extra charge. One ton Minimum. (1000 lbs minimum when we are making that clay.) Allow 6 weeks time. Try to use the raw materials we stock when formulating a custom clay body, some east coast ingredients or older recipes are not available.

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