Duncan Ceramics

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

$0.81 Per Pound

Duncan Ceramics

Duncan has sold out to Mayco. The supply of colors and the range of colors will be limited from now on!

Do not order products that are out of inventory, call to be sure.

DUNCAN Low Fire Glazes, Brushes & Stains

Duncan Glazes:  In general, Duncan glazes are applied to bisque. Usually one color will be used to cover the entire piece. Fire to cone 06.

Underglazes:  Underglazes are used when you want to paint something different colors, such as flowers painted on to a vase. They are usually used on greenware then fired to cone 04. Concepts are the exception, they are only used on 04 bisque: let dry apply two coats of clear glaze and fire to cone 06.

Non-fired:  Duncan Acrylic paints and translucent stains are used whenever a lot of detail is required on a piece of bisque, they are never fired.

Tools & Brushes:  Tools and brushes created just for ceramics.

Lusters: Overglazes, Lusters and Mother of Pearl. Metallic Overglazes for the brilliance of gold and luster of a rainbow.

1 & 3.5 gallon buckets of glaze. For Brushing and Dipping

  • Duncan Glazes

    Duncan Glazes for bisque, Non-toxic 06

    Mayco has bought out Duncan and will make a small amount of Duncan products. 

    See Mayco’s list of the priority Duncan Items it intends to start producing.
    Download the "Best of Duncan" Palette   
    And this hastily written...
    Download the Duncan to Mayco Conversion Chart

    Download the latest Mayco/Duncan Price list

    In general Duncan low fire glazes are to be applied to cone 04 bisque, 2-3 flowing coats, let dry between coats, fire to cone 06. Read the label!

  • Duncan Brushes and Tools

    Duncan Brushes and Tools

    Economical to extraordinary, here are the tools you need to make beautiful works of art.  


    Discovery Brushes  Discovery Brushes are the versatile basics. brushes that let you discover the fun of ceramics.

    Signature brushes  These premium quality brushes are carefully handcrafted. BEST for detailed brushwork.

    Debut Taklon Brushes  Debut Taklon Brushes are distinguished by firm body and shape retention

    Economy Brush Kits The convenient way to buy brushes for most any type of decorating project

    Tools for Ceramics You'll use tools for cleaning ........

  • Duncan Catalogs

    Literature, price lists, links to downloadable catalogs and color guides.

    Download the catalogs and order forms as .pdf files for free! Or order the printed copies.

    1. [pdf] Duncan Price list  To Download click here

    2. [pdf]Duncan 2019 Color Catalog  
      Duncan 2019 color Selection guide 

    3. [pdf]Duncan's Old Mold Catalog
  • Overglazes by Duncan

    Duncan Brand Overglazes.

    We've captured the timeless, iridescent beauty of everyone’s favorite gemstone and transformed it into a translucent overglaze, ideal for adding that classic luster to your pieces!

    Mother-of-Pearl can be easily applied and its appearance will vary with the type of glaze over which it is applied. Over a gloss glaze, Mother-of-Pearl adds a shiny luster and when applied over a matte glaze, it adds a subtle sheen.

    Go for gold with Duncan's Precious Metals! Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant gold accents that’ll make your project look like a million bucks!

    One coat of Precious Metals offers opaque coverage. Apply over gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a subtle luster.

    Download Duncan's Overglaze Guide

  • Non Fired Products

    Duncan Non Fired Acrylics, Accessories

    Non Fired Paints includes:

    • Acrylic Stains the OS
    • Sealers 
    • Sprays
    • Glitters
    • Ultra-Metallics

    Antiquing Duncan Acrylic paints and translucent stains are used whenever a lot of detail is required on a piece of bisque, they are never fired.

  • Underglazes

    Underglazes are for designing a ceramic piece with many colors.

    • Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque are shiny
    • Duncan® Cover-Coat® Opaque Underglazes
    • Duncan® E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes

  • Duncan Molds DM

    Duncan's DM Casting Molds

    Not made by Duncan but from the originals. Slip Casting is fun and easy.


    The Basics:

    A mold is a hollow plaster form in which articles are reproduced through the use of liquid clay. The plaster walls of the mold absorb water from the clay slip, producing the clay shell, or casting.

    A mold can be open-faced (one-piece) or made in sections (multiple-piece) held together with thick rubber bands or straps.

    A ceramics mold is plain on the outside. The inside of the mold determines the shape of the casting. It can be compared to a mirror or reverse image, because the raised areas of the casting are hollow in the mold, just as the incised areas are raised.

    Every mold has one or more openings, called pour holes, for the slip that will be poured into the molds. 

    The process of pouring slip into a mold is called casting.