Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Duncan has sold out to Mayco. The supply of colors and the range of colors will be limited from now on!

Do not order products that are out of inventory, call to be sure.

DUNCAN Low Fire Glazes, Brushes & Stains

Duncan Glazes:  In general, Duncan glazes are applied to bisque. Usually one color will be used to cover the entire piece. Fire to cone 06.

Underglazes:  Underglazes are used when you want to paint something different colors, such as flowers painted on to a vase. They are usually used on greenware then fired to cone 04. Concepts are the exception, they are only used on 04 bisque: let dry apply two coats of clear glaze and fire to cone 06.

Non-fired:  Duncan Acrylic paints and translucent stains are used whenever a lot of detail is required on a piece of bisque, they are never fired.

Tools & Brushes:  Tools and brushes created just for ceramics.

Lusters: Overglazes, Lusters and Mother of Pearl. Metallic Overglazes for the brilliance of gold and luster of a rainbow.

1 & 3.5 gallon buckets of glaze. For Brushing and Dipping