Amaco Potters Choice High Fire Glazes Cone 5-6

KM822 240 Volt 17.5" x 22" Cone 10

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Skutt KM-822 Electric Kiln

Perfect Small Studio Kiln– Easy to Load  

Part of the New 22” Series, the KM822 offers 4.5” more height then the KM818. This doesn’t sound like much until you need to add another shelf or want to fire a taller pot or sculpture. Fire a 18” tall piece with all the proper clearances. The 22” height coupled with its Cone 10 capability and small space requirements make it a perfect kiln for the home studio.It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate. 

Also available in model KM822-3 with energy saving brick.

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Amaco Potters Choice High Fire Glazes Cone 5-6

Amaco Potters Choice Glazes
Cone 5-6 (PC)

Potter's Choice glaze series were intended for the serious ceramicist! 

These eye-catching glazes add flowing colors and effects to smooth or textured pots, with great results at Cone 5/6.

When using these glazes you have access to all of pottery making history. Check out the PC Layering charts to see all the amazing results you can try in your own studio!

  • Reduction Effects in Oxidation 
  • Variety of Colors and Surfaces 
  • Cone 5 / 6 
  • Limitless Layering Combinations!

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