Safety Data Sheets MSDS

Health and Safety SDS

For your convenience we’ve provided these online SDS sheets and links in a PDF format for easy download. Locate the product about which you need SDS material; if the product lists more than one SDS, be sure to download them all.

Safety Data Sheets

“Safety Data Sheets” - SDS - have now replaced MSDS as of June 1, 2015.

SDS are detailed information bulletins prepared by companies that describes the physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazards, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling and use, emergency and first-aid procedures, and control measures.

The information in an SDS must be presented in a uniform format using 16 headings in specific order.  The new SDS format is derived from GHS guidelines, which have been adopted by OSHA and are now included in the amended Hazard Communications Plan (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 - Hazard Communication)

Safety Data Sheets provide a comprehensive overview of our products, including Components, Physical and Chemical Properties, Handling and Storage, and First Aid Measures.

Please also note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 24 or higher in order to open the files. The Reader software is free to download and the link is Adobe Reader download here.


New Mexico Clay Pugged Clays

Mayco SDS Click Here

    Contact information:   Phone: 614-876-1171
    Email: [email protected]
    Mayco Colors
    4077 Weaver Ct S
    Hilliard , Ohio 43026 USA

    click the above link to find the SDS from Mayco.


Laguna clays SDS Sheets


Coyote Glazes


Safety Data Sheets MSDS

  • Underglaze Chalk Set #2

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    Underglaze Chalk Set #2

    underglaze chalk – 6 pack – 2

    Our “Underglaze Chalks” can be used for decoration or just marking ware. As they are fired higher they tend to fade. To not smudge any work, glaze should be slightly sponged on the design before brushing or dipping.

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  • Ermine White Stoneware with speckles

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    Ermine - White Stoneware w specks Cone 6

    Ermine Is a midrange white stoneware with  fine speckles that bleed into the glaze imitating cone 10 gas reduction looks.
    An excellent plastic throwing body.
    Works with most glazes, testing is recommended with Amaco PC9,10,11 

    A great beginners clay as it is very forgiving and easy to throw. Most glazes look bright and colorful on this white clay. This body resists crazing and can be used for small outdoor tile.
    Also available Especkled.

  • MCEG002-P Speckled Buff Engobe ^6 Pint

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    What are Engobes? Engobes are similar to a slip, used to coat your clay body to your preferred finish/color and are often used for a variety of decorative techniques, such as sgraffito and majolica. They can be applied to wet clay, greenware or bisque and fire from cones 5-10. Engobes have a similar texture to underglazes and require a clear glaze (matte or gloss) to be considered dinnerware safe. Layering the new micros over the engobes yields fantastic results!
  • China Paint Set


    Concentrated Color Ceramic Overglaze Paints

    On a previously fired glaze surface paint as you would watercolors.

    Clean up with water. Fire to cone 017 1400F

    Includes 4 strips of 6-colors 

    Concentrated on-glaze color pigments, firing temperature 750-850 degrees C

    No grinding required, just apply with a brush or pen

    Open the cover to use, can be used for DIY ceramic painting.

    Most China