Safety Data Sheets MSDS

Health and Safety SDS

For your convenience we’ve provided these online SDS sheets and links in a PDF format for easy download. Locate the product about which you need SDS material; if the product lists more than one SDS, be sure to download them all.

Safety Data Sheets

“Safety Data Sheets” - SDS - have now replaced MSDS as of June 1, 2015.

SDS are detailed information bulletins prepared by companies that describes the physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazards, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling and use, emergency and first-aid procedures, and control measures.

The information in an SDS must be presented in a uniform format using 16 headings in specific order.  The new SDS format is derived from GHS guidelines, which have been adopted by OSHA and are now included in the amended Hazard Communications Plan (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 - Hazard Communication)


New Mexico Clay Pugged Clays

Casting Bodies
Low Fire Pugged Clays
Midrange Clays
Chocolate Clay
High fire clays

Risk assessment of Ceramic Clay Bodies

Duncan Products
Please also note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher in order to open the files. The Reader software is free to download and the link is Adobe Reader download here

Material Safety Data Sheets provide a comprehensive overview of our products, including Components, Physical and Chemical Properties, Handling and Storage, and First Aid Measures.

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Ceramics Products
  • Antique Glaze:  MSDS old
  • Art Glazes: 
    • AR600 & AR700 Series:  MSDS old
    • AR900 Series:  MSDS  old
  • Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics:  MSDS
  • Brush Cleaner: 
  • Brush-On Sealers:  MSDS
  • Concepts:  MSDS
  • Courtyard Art Glazes:  MSDS
  • Covercoats:  MSDS
  • Crackles:  MSDS
  • Crystals:  MSDS
  • Doll Composition:  MSDS
  • Envision Glazes:  MSDS
  • EZ Strokes:  MSDS
  • French Dimensions:  MSDS
  • Glitzy Sealers:  MSDS
  • Granite Stone:  MSDS
  • High Fire Glazes:  MSDS  old
  • Liquid Pearls:  MSDS
  • No-Fire Snow:  MSDS
  • Old World Crackle:  MSDS
  • Overglazes: 
    • Essence:  MSDS
    • Bright Gold:  MSDS
    • White Gold:  MSDS
    • Mother of Pearl:  MSDS
    • Pure Brilliance Clear Glazes MSDS
    • Premium Gold:  MSDS
  • Prep-Coat:  MSDS
  • Quik-Crackle:  MSDS
  • Satin Glazes:  MSDS  old
  • Sparklers Brush-on Glitter:  MSDS
  • Specialty Products: 
    • SY1024, SY1025:  MSDS  old
    • SY553, SY554:  MSDS  old
    • Patch-A-Tatch, SY545:  MSDS
    • Fired Snow, SY546:  MSDS
    • Dipping Glaze Thickener, SY556:  MSDS
    • Wax Resist, SY547:  MSDS
    • Mask 'n Peel, Write 'n Peel:  MSDS
  • Spray Sealers: 
  • Thin 'n Shade:  MSDS
  • Ultra Metallics:  MSDS
  •       Discontinued Products
  • Crystaltone Glazes:  MSDS
  • Stonewashed Glazes:  MSDS
  • Water-Based Antiquing Gels:  MSDS
  • Sandstars Textured Glazes:  MSDS
  • Red-Coat Opaque Underglazes:  MSDS
  • River Rock Glazes:  MSDS
  • Gallery Opaque Glazes:  MSDS
  • Concept Washes:  MSDS
  • Gloss Glazes:  MSDS

Laguna clays SDS Sheets

Following the links below you can download many of the MSDS for products we sell. If you are unable to find an MSDS on our website, email us and we will send you what you need.

    All sds pages are available in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here.


    Prepared Clays

    Western U.S. Prepared Clays

    Eastern U.S. Prepared Clays

    Casting & Porcelain Slips

    Non-firing Clays & Egyptian Paste


    Cone 06 Underglazes (EM-8000s)

    Cone 06 Glazes (EM-1000s)

    Cone 06 Creatable Colors (EM-2100s)

    Cone 06 Specialty Glazes (EM-1200s)

    Raku Glazes (Rs)

    Cone 5 Moroccan Sand Glazes (MSs)

    Cone 5 Specialty Glazes (WC-100s)

    Cone 5-10 High Fire Glazes (WC-500s, SGs, Vs)

    Raw Materials

    Dry Raw Materials

    Liquid Raw Materials

    Ferro Frits


    Plaster & Mold Making

    Plaster & Gypsum Cements

    Additives, Modeling Materials & Parting Agents

    Refractories & Firing Supplies

    Refractories & Firing Supplies

    Coyote Glazes

    Wet underglazes Click Here

    Wet Glazes-Click here

    Dry Glazes-Click Here

    Mason Stains  Click Here

    Spectrum Glazes  Click Here

    Mayco Products:

    Contact information:   Phone: 614-876-1171
    Mayco Colors
    4077 Weaver Ct S
    Hilliard , Ohio 43026 USA

    Mayco SDS Click Here

    click the above link to find the SDS from Mayco.

Safety Data Sheets MSDS

Low-Fire Casting Slip, White in 1 Gallon Jar

$10.46 Per Gallon in wide mouth Jar
  • Giffin Grip Mini


    Giffin Grip Mini

    The Giffin Grip Mini is a re-centering tool for potters. 

    Designed specifically for trimming, it works equally well for waxing the foot or banding.
    After a simple one time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off  your wheel.


    • Centers and holds your pots with ease
    • Fits all standard wheel sizes, Does fit the new Shimpo Aspire™
    • Is assembled
    • Ergonomically shaped hands gently hold your pot in place
    • Works for many functions in addition to trimming, including waxing the foot & banding with oxides

    Box Includes:

    • lengths of rods with hands
    • Sliders
    • Sliders

    works both ways

  • Underglaze Pencil Set

    Regular Price: $55.00

    Sale Price $49.50 Each

    Underglaze Pencil Set

    Chrysanthos Underglaze Pencils can be used for decoration or just marking ware. As they are fired higher they tend to fade. To not smudge any work, glaze should be slightly sponged on the design before brushing or dipping.

  • Hot Box 86E Kiln, 8x8x6.5" 120V ^10 Controller 3 Key

    Regular Price: $935.00

    Sale Price $841.50

    Hot Box 86E Kiln, 8x8x6.5" 120V ^10 Controller 3 Key

    Hot Box 86 equipped with electronic controller

    Model - HB86E 120 volt

    Inside dimensions: 8" x 8" wide x 6.5" deep, fires to cone 10/2350°F

    Inside dimensions - 8" x 8" wide x 11" deep, with optional bead or blank collar fires to 2000° F with collar.

    This electric model comes with stand, two peephole plugs, instruction manual, and warranty card. One-year warranty.

    120 volt models come equipped with pilot light, metal stand, stainless steel jacket, and Bartlett 3K-CF electronic controller.  Data is entered by scrolling through the up and down arrows for the desired cone fire or ramp/hold programming.

    Other options available are adding a blank or bead collar, top and clamshell loading and fiber bottom for vitrigraph.

    Furniture Kits for 120 volt models provide 2-3 layers of shelving for stacking ware, assorted small square posts, ceramic paper, and a one pound bag of kiln wash.  Choose the standard furniture kit or build your own with shelves and posts in the quantities required. 

  • StudioPro SpaceSaver Bat System


    StudioPro SpaceSaver Bat System

    The SpaceSaver is a convenient system for making smaller pots and maximizing table space in your studio. The entire system is fully compatible with the now unavailable Wonderbat. It consists of a 14" adapter bat and 8- 6" insert bats. Both are made from a 1/2" exterior grade MDF which provides excellent bottom drying and rigidity. The adapter bat mounts on standard wheel-head pins with rubber "through hole" grommets making a true two-sided bat.