Garrity Tools are made by a small team of craftsmen in St Louis MO, USA.

Your tools should inspire you

  • Rib A4 3.25x2.25-3" Indented Circle

  • Garrity tools Rib B3 ~5.25x2.5" Triangular


    Rib B3 ~5.25x2.5" Triangular   

    B3 offers several lines, curves and angles, and is great for building vases and custom shapes. 

  • Garrity tools Rib C1 ~2" Diameter Circle


    Rib C1 ~2" Diameter Circle

    A circle tool as one continuous, consistent curve. you dont have to worry about the tool shifting while you use it, and you know exactly what your getting when you reach for it, no need to waste time making sure you're using the right profile on the tool.

  • Garrity tools Rib C3 ~3" Diameter Circle


    Rib C3 ~3" Diameter Circle

    a consistent 3" curve, great for shaping the inside of a bowl or a concave profile on a vessel.

  • Garrity tools Rib C4 ~3.75" Diameter Circle


    Rib C4 ~3.75" Diameter Circle

    A classic useful circle shape, 4" across.

  • Garrity tools Rib, Texture Comb


    Rib, Texture Comb

    Great for scoring, adding texture, lines, etc.

  • Garrity tools Rib F1 ~11x2" Platter


    Rib F1 ~11x2" Platter

    F1 is an easy to use plate rib.  It's easy to handle and offers 2 sides for different types of pates, platters, trays or sculptures. 

    Unlike many plate ribs, F1 (so named because it looks like a fish) doesn't have any sharp corners that might catch while you use them. 

  • Garrity tools Rib F4 ~10.75x2.5" Platter


    Rib F4 ~10.75x2.5" Platter

    F4 is one of our biggest tools, but it's light, strong and easy to wield.

    Whether you're working on a tall vessel or a wide plate, F4 comes in handy. and you can use the rounded ends to clean the bottom of your mugs and bowls.

  • Garrity tools Foot 6 ~5.5


    Foot 6 ~5.5

    It’s a footing tool!

    About 5.5” long

  • Garrity tools Foot 8 ~4.5


    Foot 8 ~4.5

    It’s a footing tool!

    About 4.5” long.

  • Garrity tools Rib I1 Tapered Oval


    Rib I1 Tapered Oval

    Good straight lines and curved ends- for tall vessels, sculpting, or plate making.

  • Garrity tools Rib K1 ~3x2.5" Kidney


    Rib K1 ~3x2.5" Kidney

    The Kidney shape is a classic pottery tool.  K1 is the larger of our 2 kidneys, but it's still only 3" long.

    Great for mugs, the K1 can be used on the inside, rim and outside of the workpeice. All the unique profiles this tool offers also makes it great for sculpting.

  • Garrity tools Rib K2 ~2.25x1.5" Kidney


    Rib K2 ~2.25x1.5" Kidney

    K2 is our smaller kidney bean shape. 

    This tool fits into almost anything. 

  • Garrity tools Rib O6 Oval


    Rib O6 Oval

    A useful tool with no sharp edges.  Great for working inside a bowl or plate.

  • Garrity tools Rib P1 ~5x2.5-3" Double Circle


    Rib P1 ~5x2.5-3" Double Circle

    The Peanut fits wonderfully in your hand, offers two great curves, and has the hand grip often needed when you are throwing larger pieces on a wheel.

  • Garrity tools Rib P2 ~3.75x 2-2.25" Double Circle


    Rib P2 ~3.75x 2-2.25" Double Circle

    P2 is our smaller peanut shape.  You can use it to create a cool mug profile, to keep your bowls consistent, or clean up a convex vessel. 

  • Garrity tools Rib, Cut Off Tool T1


    Rib, Cut Off Tool T1

    Our versatile Knife! Easy to hold, hyper-useful, and easy to resharpen with a small piece of sandpaper if you drop it on its point (always, right?).

  • Garrity tools Rib T2 ~4.75x2.5" Foot Finishing


    Rib T2 ~4.75x2.5" Foot Finishing

    T2 is our most original shape. Let your imagination go wild. Like many good tools, we're hoping T2 will help you expand your techniques and collection. 

    T2 is also a great gift for a tool nut who has 100 shapes already. No promises, but they probably don't have one like this!

  • Garrity tools Rib T5 Quarter Oval


    Rib T5 Quarter Oval

    A classic shape. You've all used them before. This is our take.

  • Garrity tools Rib T6 Quarter Oval Lrg


    Rib T6 Quarter Oval Lrg

    There are a lot of great uses for this throwing rib, but let's face it, you can't replace the importance of a perfectly strait, 8" long side, especially when it's on a right angle. When you need this tool, nothing else will do. 

  • Garrity tools Unfoot


    Everyone is familiar with footing tools, and this is just like that, but for people who want the opposite: a little break where the foot would be. This UNFOOT tool makes easy and consistent strokes.

  • Garrity tools Unfoot 2 ~4x3


    Unfoot 2 ~4x3

    Everyone is familiar with footing tools, and this is just like that, but for people who want the opposite: a little break where the foot would be.

    A new design for rounded work!

    About 4” x 3”

    This UNFOOT tool makes foot shaping easy and consistent.