Fired-On Images Book


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Fired-On Images Book.

Slim booklet packed with info on firing Laser Decals.

  • By Terrie Banhazl
  • ISBN# 971-1-4276-4389-6
  • Paperback, color illustrations, 20 pages.
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Make Your Own Kiln Fire-able Decals Affordable---Permanent---Foodsafe


Welcome to an exciting and revolutionary new patented process for permanently firing images onto any glazed or fusible glass surface.


Home hobbyists, contemporary studios, schools, ceramic, porcelain and glass artists can easily safely and affordably produce amazing custom projects; great for gifts, fundraisers or direct sale.


Best of all you can easily do it yourself with Fired-On Images MS /Multi Surface Transfer Paper, any inexpensive HP Black and White laser printer, and access to a kiln.  Instructions for easily “colorizing” sepia images are included.


Just imagine firing Grandma’s photo with her handwritten recipe card onto a beautiful platter. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when you place this heirloom treasure on the family table.


Works on:

·        Hand Glazed Ceramic, Porcelain or Stoneware Bisque

·        Factory Glazed Porcelain , Stoneware or Commercial Tile

·        Fusible Glass  

This Product is safe to use for everyone.