Ceramic Decal Paper -Package of 10


Ceramic Decal Paper High Quality Packages of 10


Laser Printer Image Transfer Kit for ceramics

Fired-On Images is the only product that:

Enables artists of any skill level to create amazing works of art

Perfectly renders high quality graphics, text, handwriting, and photos 

Is specifically manufactured for kiln firing

Is laboratory-tested permanent, food safe, and dishwasher safe

Works on any fire-able surface, including store-bought tiles and tableware

Includes foolproof step-by-step instructions and precise firing temp. guide

Provides tips on colorizing sepia images using on-hand supplies

Is backed by expert customer support

Works with any HP or Canon black-only laser printer (*not for use with inkjets or color laser printers)

Important update

As of 2019,  a few of HP’s NEW Black Laser printers have changed their toner formulation.  Before you buy a new HP printer for this process, please check the cartridge number on HP’s MSDS site to be sure your toner contains either Iron Oxide or Ferrite. http://h22235.www2.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/environment/productdata/ljmsdsuseng.html    

There is also a link on  the FAQ page at  www.fired-on.com   ALL Canon Black-Only laser printers still  work for this process. 

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A full set of detailed Instructions comes with Fired-On Images 10-sheet pack

1. Will my printer work?

All models of Black toner only HP & Canon laser printers/copiers/fax with NO capability of printing in color. NO other brands, COLOR LASERS or INJETS and just to be clear…NO you cannot use just the black toner in your color machine.

2. Why has some toner wiped off or smudged BEFORE Firing?

The new printers are energy efficient and printer fuser may not get hot enough to adhere the image to the transfer paper. Run a few sheets of regular paper through the printer first before you print on the transfer paper. Newly opened toners sometimes deposit extra toner on the transfer paper. Using a roller (brayer) on a paper towel over images, avoids smudges.

3. Why has my image disappeared COMPLETELY after firing?

Make sure that you are using an HP or Canon BLACK Toner Only Laser printer/copier/fax to make your image. Use a fresh toner cartridge if your results fade over time. Only use authentic HP toners, no substitutes. Make sure to use only Fired-On Transfer Paper.

4. Why is my image very faint or faded AFTER firing?

Transfer firing temperature is too hot. Try again at a lower firing temperature* Most Cone 06 transparent glaze requires a much lower decal firing temp.(see instructions)

5. Why has my image wiped off or smudged AFTER firing ?

Transfer firing temperature too low, try again at a higher temperature.

6. Why does my image have big cracks in it?

A certain amount of microscopic cracking is normal but if you see large cracks after firing, this may be due to poor contact between the transfer and the surface (do not overlap or stretch the film. To avoid stretching Use a brayer (roller) on top of a paper towel to remove water and bubbles (no squeegies)

7. Can my images be in color?

All images fire to a lovely sepia brown. Color is added using traditional glazing techniques.

8. Will my glaze work with Fired-On Images Transfers?

All glazes cone 06- 10 will work… transfer firing temp is dependent on the glaze/ clay used. Firing Temp Chart is included with instructions

Package of 10 sheets and Full instructions.


Welcome to an exciting and revolutionary new patented process for permanently firing images onto any glazed or fusible glass surface.


Home hobbyists, contemporary studios, schools, ceramic, porcelain and glass artists can easily safely and affordably produce amazing custom projects; great for gifts, fundraisers or direct sale.


Best of all you can easily do it yourself with Fired-On Images MS /Multi Surface Transfer Paper, any inexpensive HP Black and White laser printer, and access to a kiln.  Instructions for easily “colorizing” sepia images are included.


Just imagine firing Grandma’s photo with her handwritten recipe card onto a beautiful platter. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when you place this heirloom treasure on the family table.


Works on:

·        Hand Glazed Ceramic, Porcelain or Stoneware Bisque

·        Factory Glazed Porcelain , Stoneware or Commercial Tile

·        Fusible Glass  

Laser Decals FAQ’s

Q: What surfaces can I apply a Laser Decals transfer?

A: Creative Images can be applied to fired glaze surfaces 

Certain translucent glazes can cause image to fade. fire lower

Q: What types of images can be made into a Laser Decals transfer?

A: Any image that can be copied can be used – photographs, graphics, grandma’s
handwritten recipe. To create

the sharpest image reproduction, use the highest resolution (600 dpi or better)
for your image source.

Q: How can I add color to my Laser Decals project?

A: The unique printing process used to produce Laser Decals produces
sepia-toned images. To add color –trace the source image onto your glazed surface (using clay carbon paper) and
apply Stroke & Coat®, to the  image outline. Fire and then apply your image. You can also color the image by
applying the transfer and then apply Stroke & Coat® over the image.

This Product is safe to use for everyone.