Cashmere Stoneware Slip Cone 6

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KMT1022 240 Volt Cone 10


ESPECKLED Cone 5-6 stoneware

$0.80 Per Pound

Cashmere Stoneware Slip Cone 6

Stoneware Casting Slips for Cone 6

Cashmere Slip is our version of a slip originally sold by Duncan to its distributors; they bailed on stoneware, as they were ahead of their time. Duncan has since come back to stoneware with their updated stoneware glazes that work well with Cashmere Slip.  Duncan’s original slip was more “stonewary” we refined the formula for the 21st century.

What is Stoneware? Stoneware clay is any clay that is fired over 2000 F and contains sticky clay called ball clay. Ball clays contain more iron and are not allowed in traditional porcelains. Stoneware may contain grog or other clays for various colors or textures.

Directions: Stir well, pour into plaster mold, wait 8-20 minutes then pour out. Allow to drain upside down for at least an hour. The mold opens when it is ready, don’t force it.  

Cashmere is a casting slip similar to our cashmere clay body and b-mix type clays. It is different from a porcelain only that it includes dirty, plastic ball clays.