Mayco Brushes and stamps

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Mayco Brushes and stamps

Mayco Brushes, Creative Tools & Accessories

Every project begins with the right tool!

Add dimension, detail, and intricate design to your art work with Mayco decorating accessories, creating visual interest and personal expression. We have the basic tools you'll need for constructing with clay, a wide variety of brushes & writing bottles for glaze application, and many stamps, mats & silkscreens for surface decorating.



    Perfect Touch™ brushes are manufactured with kiln-dried birch hardwood handles that have five hand-dipped coats of bright blue lacquer and sealer to resist moisture. Triple crimped, nickel-plated, seamless, Cupro brass ferrules offer longer life and resist corrosion.



    Reflections™ Acrylic Handle Brushes were designed to prevent paint from peeling and flaking off of brush handles. The careful design of Golden Taklon brush heads along with a properly balanced clear acrylic handle and ferrule give the user a superior ceramic brush.



    The brush handles in this line are in different colors to prevent cross-contamination and match the overglaze to be used. The Gold (G) and White Gold (W) #0 Liners and #6 Oval Shaders are the same brush with different handles. To be used with overglazes: OG901 Bright Gols, OG802 White Gold, OG803 Mother of Pearl, OG805 Premium Gold.



    All brushes in this line will have a bright red matte wooden handle with honey brown 1st quality synthetic hairs to create smooth, solid coverage. To be used with Mayco Softees Acrylics and Duncan Bisq-Stains.

  • DRY BRUSHES by Mayco


    All brushes in this line will have a black matte wooden handle with natural white bristles which are perfect for dry brushing detail. The various sizes allow users to control the placement of color and decorative painting. To be used with Mayco Softees Acrylics and Duncan Bisq-Stains to dry brush.

  • Designer Silk Screens and Stencils

    Mayco Silk Screens and Stencils

    Designer Silkscreens

    Mayco Designer Silkscreens are a great way to add intricate detail to your work. Each screen is 15” x 12” with different themes (Sealife, Nautical, etc) or patterns (Chevron or stripes). Combine  AC310 Silkscreen Medium with underglazes, Stroke & Coat® or Designer Liner to create a paste which is pushed through the screen onto bisque or unfired glaze surface.  Designer Silkscreens can also be used with acrylics or fabric paint and can be applied to other craft surfaces.

    Designer Stencils

    Add creativity and fun to your artwork with Mayco Designer Stencils. Easily create patterns by applying ceramic glazes, acrylics, textured paints, pastes or other decorating media on ceramic, fabric, glass, paper, wood and more.

  • Mayco Rubber Stamps

    Rubber Stamps and Mats

    Designer Stamps

    Mayco Designer Stamps create design for glaze and moist clay use.   Glaze is lightly applied to the stamp and pressed against your ware.  Stamps can be used to create outlines to which additional color can be added or used to apply your chosen colors. The flexible rubber material allows for use on curved shapes without compromising design. Stamp dimensions: 2”W x 6.75”L

    Designer Mats

    Based on the popularity of our Designer Stamps, we have developed a mat product for larger clay surfaces. These mats are 7” x 9”, made of the same material as our stamps for flexibility and ease of use. Like our stamps, our mats can also be used to apply glaze onto bisque ware.  

  • Mayco Magic Metallics

    Mayco Magic Metallics

    Magic Metallics™ are water-based acrylics that contain ground metal particles. When dry the surface will appear and feel like a metal surface. Magic Metallics™ can be applied to almost any paintable surface: glass, wood, fabric, Styrofoam, paper, ceramic, etc. Magic Metallics™ is NOT a faux painting process but an actual layering of metal particles on a craft surface.

    As the acrylics contain metal particles they can be made to oxidize - rust (steel) or patina gold, copper, dark bronze).