Pugmills And Mixers For Clay

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KMT1022 240 Volt Cone 10


ESPECKLED Cone 5-6 stoneware

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Pugmills And Mixers For Clay

Pugmills-Mixers for clay

Peter Pugger

Peter Pugger’s patented vacuum deairing technology is why other manufacturers are restricted to using vacuum screens in the design of their pugmills. There are inherent problems with vacuum screens such as: clogging/jamming due to obstructions, vacuum port blockage due to backpressure issues with extruding, maintenance and downtime, inability to mix and pug clay additives, i.e. grog, nylon fiber, exposure to air while in the “vacuum chamber”, and the list goes on. Peter Pugger has eliminated the cumbersome approach altogether. Peter Pugger evacuates the complete processing chamber during the mixing cycle. Once the vacuum gauge reaches the desired vacuum level, you are guaranteed deaired clay. Simple and maintenance free! In addition, Peter Pugger supplies the only 120V pugger-mixer on the market today. This is the result of efficient operation of the machine. If done right, a small vacuum pump is all that is required to effectively deair the clay. Peter Puggers are smooth, quiet and efficient.