Glaze Materials



Glaze Materials

Glaze Materials

GLAZE MATERIALS are available in different amounts, stated on each individual item. There are price breaks for the more you buy!! 

  • Silver Nitrate- Crystal 99.97%

    Silver Nitrate- Crystal 99.97%
  • Alberta Slip (Albany) 44 lb bags

    $2.70 As low as: $1.65
    Alberta Slip (Albany) 44 lb bags
  • Alumina Hydrate

    $2.79 As low as: $1.70
    Alumina Hydrate
  • Alumina Oxide Calcined 325

    $6.58 As low as: $4.01
    Alumina Oxide Calcined 325
  • Barium Carbonate German 55.14

    $2.44 As low as: $1.49
    Barium Carbonate German 55.14
  • Barnard Clay (Blackbird) Substitute

    $3.01 As low as: $1.83
    Barnard Clay (Blackbird) Substitute
  • Bentonite Volclay 325 Mesh

    $0.84 As low as: $0.52
    Bentonite Volclay 325 Mesh
  • Bentonite HPM 20 Glaze

    $2.80 As low as: $1.71
    Bentonite HPM 20 Glaze
  • Bentonlite L - 10 (white)

    $1.59 As low as: $0.97
    Bentonlite L - 10 (white)
  • Bentonite *Macaloid*

    $17.41 As low as: $10.62
    Bentonite *Macaloid*
  • Brushing Medium

    $25.85 As low as: $15.77
    Brushing Medium
  • Bone Ash

    $2.15 As low as: $1.31
    Bone Ash
  • Borax Powder

    $2.77 As low as: $1.69

    Borax Powder

    a full bag is (55.14 lbs)

  • Chrome Oxide Green

    $18.48 As low as: $11.28
    Chrome Oxide Green
  • Carboxilmethalcellulose (CMC), Sodium

    $24.70 As low as: $15.07
    Carboxilmethalcellulose (CMC), Sodium
  • Cobalt Carbonate

    $48.84 As low as: $29.79

    Cobalt Carbonate

    COBALT CARBONATE (45-47 1/2% cobalt by weight) is a very strong coloring oxide used in glazes and stains to produce blues. Disperses well for even color. Combined with magnesium, a purple is possible. A little goes a long way. 

    Minimum order quantity is 1/4 lb. type .25 (COCO)

  • Cobalt Oxide Metal 72-73%

    $46.66 As low as: $28.46

    Cobalt Oxide

    COBALT OXIDE is used in all art materials to make blue. The oxide form  is stronger than the carbonate form, but may not disperse as readily, causing speckles. Minimum order quantity is .1 lb.(COOX)

  • Cornwall Stone Sub (GSG919)

    $2.84 As low as: $1.73
    Cornwall Stone Sub (GSG919)
  • Crocus Martis "Purple Iron" Bayferrox180

    $7.25 As low as: $4.42

    Crocus Martis "Purple Iron" Bayferrox180

    Crocus Martis (Miconized iron oxide).

    “Natural Crocus Martis (Purple Iron Oxide) is unobtainable, (either because of politics, or the known seams have dried up no-one seems to know for certain) the only stuff we can get now is synthetic, it seems OK.” Steve, from Bath in the UK 
    This is the truest statement about Crocus Martis I have found. The Crocus Martis is a synthetic iron oxide that is “micronized” the Bayferrox 180 NM is the finest particle size and that is what gives it the bluish tint. It is just pure iron oxide Fe2O3.

    Minimum order quantity is 1 lb.

  • Cryolite

    $4.63 As low as: $2.83