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Kilns & Supplies, Gas & Electric

Firing clay is the essential step that transforms dirt to stone. The earth's elements are changed to beautiful glass (glaze) with the application of a lot of heat.
The Four common temperatures that we use are:

  • Native Clay Cone 016 to 010 or  1420 to 1650 F
  • Low fire Ceramics  Cone 06-04  or 1828 to 1945 F
  • Mid Range Cone 5-6 or 2167-2232 F
  • High Fire Cone 10 2345 F

We use electric kilns because they are convenient all are computer controlled and very reliable.

Gas kilns need to be monitored for the whole firing. And can be used where a lot of electricity is not available.

  • Skutt

    Skutt Kilns

    KM means Kiln Master Digital! 

    Skutt kilns are are the #1 choice of potters. 

    Great warranty (two years parts an labor) and great customer service.

    The part numbers tell you what size it is; 1027's are10 bricks around and 27" tall on the inside.

  • Jewelry Kiln

    Kilns for Silver Clay, PMC, Jewelry.

  • Gas Kilns

    Gas Kilns & Raku Kilns

    Gas kilns are necessary for cone ten, as they don't wear out. Reduction effect and flashing make cone 10 pottery special. 

    Raku Kilns make the craft of Raku possible. In Raku you glaze a piece of bisque, quickly fire up to cone 06 or until the glaze melts. Open the kiln when it is red hot and put the glowing pot in a trash can of flammable paper or leaves. The resulting combustion reduces the metals copper and iron to the metallic form; creating cool effects. The smoke also colors any bare clay black and accents any cracks in the glaze as black crackle pattern.

  • Electric Kiln Repair Parts

    Electric Kiln Repair Parts

    Parts for general repair, Skutt, Paragon and Duncan kilns.

    We have: elements, switches, relays, high temp wire, transformers, Skutt touchpads, bartlet boards and sentry 2 from paragon

  • Kiln Building Supplies

    Gas Kiln Building and Repair Supplies

    Bricks, mortar, insulation, burners that kind of thing.

    Build your own raku kiln or fix your gas kiln with new brick, Kaowool, pyrometers, cement and more.

  • Paragon Kilns

    Paragon Kilns

    Paragon kilns are drop-shipped from Mesquite Texas, they carry so many different models nobody could stock them all!

  • Vents for Kilns

    Kiln Vents

    The Skutt Envirovent is great at removing odors from the kiln room.

  • Kiln Accessories

    Kiln Accessories

    Posts, shelves, cones, stilts, kiln wash and more!