Non-Fired & Softies Acrylics

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Non-Fired  & Softies Acrylics


Mayco’s non-fired assortment includes a wide range of colors and finishes with superior performance over craft brands. Softees® Acrylics, Pearls and Magic Metallics™ have creamy, vibrant colors with exceptional coverage. 


Softies are the matte acrylic paints packed with pigment, great for drybrushing.



    Softees® are highly pigmented acrylic paints that can be used on ceramic bisque, wood, fabric, plaster, paper, and metal.

  • Mayco Softees Pearls


    Softees® Pearls are a water-based acrylic that can be used on ceramic bisque, fabric and other craft surfaces. Softees® Pearls offer high luster pearlescent finishes.

    Shake well. Apply one or more coats to craft surface with a soft hair brush or natural sponge. Dry between coats. Thin and clean up with water. Use sealer for added durability. Pearls may be applied over a base coat of acrylic, but the color performs better if applied directly to bisque. Clean brushes immediately after use with AC-525 Brush Cleaner and warm water. If the color is left to dry in the brush it may be difficult to remove.

    Pearls can be thinned with water and intermixed with Softees®  Acrylics to provide an added sparkle to the color. For even application, try applying color with a silk sponge. Softees® Pearls are self-sealing because of their glossy translucent base material. These colors take longer to dry and cure, and may remain tacky for several days.



    Brush-on sealers are designed to provide a protective coating under or over dry acrylic stains and Magic Metallics™ colors. Use as a surface primer to enable Magic Metallics™ colors to better adhere to surfaces, such as glass. They act as a protectant when applied over a dry completed Patina finish.

    Do not shake. Stir gently to prevent air bubbles. Apply one to two smooth coats with a soft bristled brush, such as CB-604 Soft Fan. Softer bristles will help eliminate brush strokes and minimize damage to the painted surface beneath. Thin coats will produce the best results.  Thorough drying in-between coats will minimize brush marks in the final finish. Clean the brush immediately after use with a brush cleaner and warm water. Do not fire.

  • Mayco Magic Metallics

    Magic Metallics™ are water-based acrylics that contain ground metal particles. When dry the surface will appear and feel like a metal or rusted surface.


    Magic Metallics™ can be applied to almost any paintable surface: glass, wood, fabric, Styrofoam, paper, ceramic, etc. Magic Metallics™ is NOT a faux painting process but an actual layering of metal particles.

    Magic Metallics™ Patina and Rapid Rust act to oxidize Magic Metallic metal acrylics. Copper and Dark Bronze will develop a patina stain when treated with MM-202 Green Patina. Steel will rust when treated with MM-305 Rapid Rust.

  • Non-Fired Snow


     Non-Fired Snow is a un-fired, water-based, acrylic paste that creates a white three dimensional and snow-like effects on stains or fired glazes.  When dry, the texture is mildly porous and slightly coarse to the touch.

    For a smooth, level application: apply with a stiff fan brush. As the product consistency is that of a paste, it can be layered on using a palette knife or similar tools. Brushes used should be cleaned frequently during use to prevent build-up in the bristles.  Clean brushes with warm water and brush cleaner. This product dries quickly. 

    In addition to its use on un-fired work it can be applied on fired glazed surfaces. It can be used over other colors or directly applied to bisque. Non-Fired Snow can be tinted using any Softees® Acrylic Stain or Softees® Pearls. However, if a darker color is desired, apply the Snow first, allow to dry and then apply a top coat of the desired Softees® Acrylic Stain and Softees® Pearls. When applying over gold, apply matte or gloss sealer to area prior to application.  AC-523 

  • Dazzling Metallics

    Dazzling Metallics® are non-fired, water based acrylic colors that can be used for solid coverage or detailing.

    • Water-based colors that can be used for solid coverage or detailing
    • Applied directly to bisque or over any of the Softees® Acrylic Stains