Ceramics Accs.

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Ceramics Accs.

Ceramics Accessories

From airbrushes to menders, all those little things we need.

  • Underglaze Pencils and other Pencils

    Underglaze Pencils 

    are lead-free and non toxic and are intended for use on bisque where it is desired to create a fine line or shade. They can also be used for identification or marking test pieces.

    After application of Underglaze Pencil color to bisque, the color should be coated with a clear glaze before firing to the glazes maturing temperature. The first coat of glaze should be sponged on over the Underglaze Pencil design to prevent the design from coming off if a brush on glaze is used. Or spray on or dip the glaze.

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  • Books

    Books about Ceramics, Pottery, Glazes...

    Pottery and Ceramics Books of all kinds from Airbrushing to Wheel throwing.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for ceramics

    From glue to chess boards. Rubber and plastic stoppers, Magnets, Ornament Caps and hangers, lotion pumps 

  • Project Finishers

    Project Finishers

    • Teapot handles
    • no-skid bottoms
    • Honey Dippers

  • Laser Decals

    Laser Decals you make yourself!

    New Cool photo transfer decal system create your own images on a computer, print them on a laser printer and fire onto a cone 06 glaze or glass.

    Decal Paper: Clear Laser Water-slide

    What it is... A decal paper that needs to be printed with a HP laser 
    printer and then is soaked in warm water, like a decal, placed on a fired 
    non-moving glaze and then fired to cone 06.

  • Menders and Sealers

    Glue, Magic Menders, Fix what's broken

    Be sure to read the instructions!

    SY 545 Duncan® Patch-A-Tatch®

    Don’t let the broken bisque blues get you down – think fast with Duncan® Patch-A-Tatch®! This quality ceramic cement is used to attach or repair greenware or bisque, so it’s easy to see why most ceramists consider Patch-A-Tatch an essential product for ceramics. Save your piece – and your sanity – with Patch-A-Tatch!

    Available in a 4-oz. jar.

  • Mold PouringTools

    Mold pouring, Greenware cleaning, rubber banding, strapping and every thing for making and cleaning greenware. 

  • Nightlights

    Nightlights, Bulbs, Electrical

  • Royal Brush Soft Grip

    Brushes Royal Soft Grip

    Royal's Soft Grip Brushes

    These economical brushes are all priced the same! 

    Soft grip handle is a pleasure to use.

  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    Silica is the main element in the world, however, it does not belong in our lungs.

    North Respirator Package For Toxic Dust

  • Lamp Parts

    Lamp Parts for Ceramics

  • Spectrum 06 Glazes

    Spectrum Low Fire Metallic Glazes

    Spectrum Low Fire Metallic Glazes give your pottery the appearance of wrought iron, brushed bronze, green patina, or a soft green, gold, or silver. The color of these glazes changes depending on the shade of the clay, the thickness with which the glaze is applied, and the temperature at which the pieces are fired.

    Spectrum Low Fire Metallic Glazes are lead-free but are not food safe. These glazes should not be used on dinnerware or other functional pieces. 

    SPG0152  Moonlight ^04 Metallic Glaze Pint

  • Sponge

    Sponges Real or Artificial

    Wiping, cleaning, patterning, sponging you name it

  • stampmaker

    Stampmaker Kit and supplies

    imagepac sachets are the easiest way to make polymer stamps and printing plates.

    Choose Stampmaker to make custom stamps quickly and easily for card making, scrapbooking, silver clay, jewelry, stationery or business.

    For traditional office stamps used with self inkers, choose imagepac Xtra.

    For clear craft stamps with a naturally sticky back for easy mounting to acrylic blocks, choose imagepac superclear.

  • Brushes for Ceramics

    • Brushes for Ceramics
    • Lowell Cornell
    • Royal brushes
    • Joto Japanese Brushes
    • Hake Brushes

  • Christmas

    Christmas Tree lights and bulbs

    Replace those lost lights on the ceramic Christmas tree.
  • Decorating Paints and Accessories

    Decorating Supplies, Paints and Accessories,  Wax Resist

  • Molds


    We stock some ceramic molds.