Non Fired Products

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Non Fired Products

Duncan Non Fired Acrylics, Accessories

Non Fired Paints includes:

  • Acrylic Stains the OS
  • Sealers 
  • Sprays
  • Glitters
  • Ultra-Metallics

Antiquing Duncan Acrylic paints and translucent stains are used whenever a lot of detail is required on a piece of bisque, they are never fired.

  • Granite Stones

    Duncan Granite Stones Textured Acrylics

    GS-Granite Stone®

    These textured, nontoxic colors resemble mountain granite with realistic sparkling flecks. The rich, thick formula provides easy brush-on application. The brush-on formula works well with all other acrylic products and can be applied in a variety of techniques.

  • OS Acrylics Opaque Stains

    Duncan OS Acrylic Opaque Stains

    Water-based acrylics for base coats, dry brushing, brushwork, stenciling and sponging. Each color is available in a 2-oz squeeze bottle. They are super can do it all acrylics. 

    You don’t have to wait for a rainy day to capture the essence of a rainbow! With Duncan® Bisq-Stain® Opaque Acrylics, you can cover your pieces in a wealth of rich, vibrant colors that can be mixed to create even more tones, tints and shades. Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics provide solid coverage for your pieces and are water-based for easy cleanup. Use them with stencils, sponging, dry brushing and other decorative painting techniques. Do Not Fire!

  • Non-fired Accessories-Brush on Sealers

    Duncan Sealers, Snow, quick crackle ..

    Non-fired Accessories-Brush on Sealers

    Brush-On Sealers  Provide the same excellent results as ceramic spray sealers, without the smell of aerosols, and dry quickly to a clear finish. Water based and non-toxic.

    Brush Cleaner   An excellent cleaner and conditioner for brushes

    Thin 'n Shade  A water- based medium for use with any water- based ceramic color. Extends drying time and makes brushing easier, for both fired and non-fired colors.

    No Fire Snow and Glittering No Fire Snow 

    Quick-Crackle  Provides an ancient paint crackle look.

  • SG Glitters

    Sparklers Brush-On Glitter

     Let your creativity shine with the brilliance of Sparklers™ Brush-On Glitter! These premixed glitter sealers come in five dazzling colors and are permanent so they won't flake or rub off. Sparklers™ Brush-On Glitter works on almost any craft surface (except washable fabric) and can be applied directly to surfaces or over other acrylic colors. Use several coats for solid shimmery coverage or just one for highlights to your piece.

  • Spray Sealers

    Duncan Spray Sealers SS 

    Seal the work of art to prevent dirty fingers from ruining your artwork. And unify the surface. Allow your  creativity to shine at its best and brightest with Duncan Spray Sealers – the finishing touch to your ceramic work of art. Ceramic Spray Sealers are final spray coatings that produce smooth, hard surfaces and are used to brighten colors and protect the finishes of objects decorated with nonfired color products. 

    Gloss produces a gleaming, smooth and extremely protective final finish. This sealer provides the glossiest possible spray finish over both water-based and oil-based nonfired colors. 

    Clear Gloss and Clear Matte can be used under, over and between coatings of Duncan nonfired colors. To maintain a bright acrylic basecoat, spray on a coat before antiquing. 

    Matte produces a smooth, even, flat-matte finish on nonfired acrylic and translucent colors, and works particularly well on realistic-looking animal figurines. It slightly softens underlying colors and provides a shine-free protective surface.

    Attention         Spray cans and aerosols can only be shipped by ground . You must choose  USPS First Class or UPS Ground; we cannot ship By Priority Mail, 2nd day air or any expedited shipping method. We can't ship spray cans to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Catalina Island, or any other countries.
    Canada is okay by UPS ground.  

  • Ultra Metallics

    Ultra Metallics™

    Take your pieces to new heights with ultra-hip, super shiny Ultra Metallics™! These gleaming, water-based metallic colors can be mixed with other water-based nonfired colors to create an even wider range of metallic hues ... finding your perfect project palette is simple! Best of all, Ultra Metallics™ won't tarnish, so add them to all of your projects for extra flair!