Kiln Cooking

Kiln Cooking in your

Skutt Kilns and Paragon Kilns.

Although Paragon kilns and Skutt kilns may not approve, these Kilns are really accurate ovens, and they are self cleaning.

Turkey for Thanksgiving is really easy  Kiln Cooking.

Place the kiln shelf near the thermocouple where the turkey will be easy to reach. 

( see photo below of Paragon kilns)

Set the ramp to one segment, rate to 400 degrees per hour, temp to 325F and the hold to 3 1/2 hours depending on the size of the turkey! Skutt Kilns KMT-1022-3 with optional Turkey. Kiln cooking at it's best! (An instant read thermometer should read 165-180 f in the thigh)

New York Steak  Kiln Cooking Roast for Christmas 1999! Skutt kilns  make Hmmmm roast beef. Good kiln cooking!

Kiln Cooking a roast in Skutt kilns is exactly the same as cooking it in oven at home.  Purchase a whole New York state roast in a cryovac bag. Preheat Cooking kiln to 350 degrees. Rinse the roast and then dry, in the photo  I have been cut in half so it would fit in the pan and cook faster.  Season  the roast with lots of salt and pepper and perhaps a little garlic, roast in kiln at 350 degrees until it registers 120 degrees on instant read meat thermometer (for medium rare). Let rest for fifteen to 20 minutes. Degrease the pan  juices, and serve on the side. because the heat in the cooking kiln comes from all around  the roast the juices in the cooking pot do not boil, so they don't splatter. 

It is not necessary to start the food at a higher temp to brown it. The side elements in the kiln act as an rotisserie and brown the food evenly.

Disclaimer: Both Skutt Kilns and Paragon Kilns would tell you not to try this.  However I am sure my kiln is cleaner than your oven, really go look!

Send us a kiln cooking recipe to be included in this page!


This is a fun method of cooking and is sometimes referred to as "Beggars Chicken".

 After washing the chicken, salt and pepper inside and sprinkle thyme into the cavity. Place lemon skins in cavity.

 Mix lemon juice and honey together.  Free the skin from the meat by putting a finger between skin and meat and then put lemon juice-honey mixture underneath skin.  (You can also put lemon juice- honey in a baster with a needle tip and insert the mixture under the skin.)  Put any remainder of juice-honey mixture in the cavity.

 Baste the skin with olive oil and then salt and pepper to taste.

 Take heavy duty duty aluminum foil or parchment paper and cover and seal the chicken in the foil  or parchment package.

 Roll out 3/8 inch slab of clay dry enough so that it still is pliable and cover the entire foil package with clay and seal.  You can sculpt the clay in the form of the chicken underneath.  Place the form on a cookie sheet and put in the kiln at 150 degrees for 1 hour to dry the clay somewhat and then raise the temperature to 350 degrees for another hour and a half.  Remove the hardened clay form and then crack the clay covering with a hammer and remove.  Open up the foil to reveal the cooked chicken.  Serve with the juices accumulated at the bottom of the foil package.

 Bon appetit!

Note: Use a groggy clay like a sculpting body or terra cotta.  I haven't tried this yet but I plan to!  BRANT

Kiln Cooking

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