Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze

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KMT1022 240 Volt Cone 10


ESPECKLED Cone 5-6 stoneware

$0.80 Per Pound

Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze

Duncan® Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze

The GREEN one,  Bisque fire the clay to cone 04 (1940 F)  apply two flowing coats of glaze, letting it dry between coats. and Fire to Cone 06 (1824 F)

Join Duncan® in moving our industry toward a world safe for our children and future generations with Pure Brilliance®, the first-ever high-performance, nontoxic clear glaze. Choose Pure Brilliance® for a clear glaze that is forgiving and has a fast and stable dry time, all while giving your piece a brilliant shine! It also enhances underglaze colors, is craze resistant and most importantly, is super easy to use. Simply put, Pure Brilliance does it all!

Available in a variety of sizes.