Skutt Legend Wheel 1/3 HP With SSX Controller


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Wheel Electric Legend 1/3 HP

Removable Splash Pan Wheels includes SSX controller

The removable splash pan design has a separate removable one-piece splash pan. Easily lift off the removable wheel head, and then remove the splash pan in one piece. This design is cleaner and easier to use than the standard two-piece splash pans on other wheels.

(1/3hp) model offers more power, with a 1/3 hp motor clay throwing capacities exceed 150 lbs.

  • The ½ and 1 HP motors are now considered optional upgrades. We consider the 1/3 HP motor to be the standard model. Herrick Smith threw a 6 Ft pot on a Legend wheel with a 1/3 HP motor at NCECA. Most potters will certainly not require more power than this.

Color: Skutt Red

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Wheel Electric Legend   1/3Hp

Skutt Wheels are built with a heavy, cast aluminum frame that is powder coated for a durable, elegant and easy to clean finish. Each wheel comes equipped with a special cast aluminum foot pedal designed for smooth action and precision control.
A key feature of the Skutt Wheel is the continual duty motor. Our motors are almost twice the size of the standard peak rated motors used by other manufacturers. Because the torque a wheel produces affects the amount of power you have to center clay, our wheel will provide you with more centering power. Each wheel has an industrial grade motor controller that controls speeds, senses the feedback from the motor, and provides constant torque through all speed ranges. This means the wheel will perform superbly at any speed.
NEW SSX Optional Drive System The new SSX drive system is available as an upgrade on all Skutt wheel models. This drive system enables our motors to operate much quieter while producing more power. It also makes our foot pedals smoother and more responsive to the touch. You can enjoy the benefits of this drive system by ordering it on your new wheel or by adding the SSX kit to your existing Thomas Stuart wheel.
Additional Features A 14" twist and lift removable wheel head, drilled 10" on center bat pin system A reversing switch for changing wheel head direction A 6-groove drive belt for smooth, quiet, powerful performance Over-sized legs that provide stable support while throwing Optional interchangeable cup head for drop-in-place plaster bats 

 10 year limited warranty

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