Classes in Pottery & Ceramics

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  • Introduction to Ocarinas


    Introduction to Ocarinas

    with Laurence Wellborn

     In this workshop style class students will gain hands-on knowledge of both flute and whistle style ocarina construction.

    Morning:  Students will construct a hollow body form needed for making ocarinas and use this body to construct a flute style Ocarina.  Flute style Ocarina's produce sound by blowing across the opening.  Students will also be introduced to tuning and fingering an octave.

    Afternoon:  Students will again construct the hollow body form from the morning session.  Students will learn to make a whistle style mouthpiece where air is blown through the opening.  Students will continue to learn tuning.  Laurence will demonstrate transforming basic ocarinas into more sculptural objects.

  • Throwing Thursday Evening CLASS IS FULL January 9th thru Frebruary 13th


    Throwing Thursday Evening


    Time - 5:30 to 8:30 

    When-January 9th thru Frebruary 13th

  • Tour with pinch pot and throwing demo.


    Tour of New Mexico Clay

    Make a pinch pot and enjoy a throwing demo.

  • Open Studio Throw, slab, extrude

    $10.00 As low as: $8.33

    Open Studio Throw, slab, extrude
    Pay for three hours stay all day!

    Please no open studio during classes 

    All Day Monday and Friday are great!

  • Intro to Potter's Wheel


    Intro to Potter's Wheel 

  • Birthday party for kids 6 to 12


    Birthday party for kids 6 to 12

    You Must Schedule the time in advance with the teacher.

    • 2 hours long
    • You furnish cake and drinks. 
    • This can be Painting on bisque or hand building.