Kiln Accessories

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Kiln Accessories

Kiln Accessories

Posts, shelves, cones, stilts, kiln wash and more!

  • Kiln Firing Accesories

    Kiln Firing Accessories

    Kiln supplies, kiln wash, Peephole plugs, Orton cones and stilts

  • Orton Self Supporting Large Cones

    Orton Self Supporting Large Cones

    Freestanding large witness cones the SSB's

    Self-Supporting Cones are the most accurate and and , of course, are the easiest to use witness cones available. They provide the same information as Orton Large Cones. The advantage of Self-Supporting cones is that they are the correct height (1 3/4" exposed above the base) and have the 8 degree bending angle built in. They do not require plaques. Self-Supporting cones can be set on any flat surface.

    Self-Supporting Cones are available for use between 1087F and 3106F (586C and 1708)C. Cones are numbered from 022 to 32*. Cone 022 is the cone that will deform at the lowest temperature (1087F) and cone 32* is the cone that deforms at the highest temperature 3106F (1708C).

    Self Supporting Cones are recommended by glaze and kiln manufacturers to achieve the best results.

    *anything over cone 11 is special order...

  • Orton Bar Cones

    Orton  Bar Cones 

    Box of 50 for the Kiln Sitter

  • Cone Large Regular LRB

    Orton Cones Large Regular

     Box of 50

    Large Cones

    Large Pyrometric Cones allow users a practical method to monitor the heatwork (the effect of temperature and time at temperature) inside their kiln. Today they are used by quality conscious manufacturers who want a visual indication of the heatwork in locations throughout their kiln.

    Large cones must be mounted in a plaque with the cones mounted at 8 angular degrees. Plaques can be made by hand or purchased through Orton. Orton stocks both 3 hole and 4 hole plaques.

  • Kiln Shelf

    Kiln Shelves

    Kiln shelves may not be able to ship postal or UPS. Most have to ship by truck.

     These are mullite/ corderite all are good to cone 10. 

    Above 22" use the 1" thick if firing Cone 10 gas.

  • Kiln Posts

    Kiln Posts

    Kiln posts are used to hold up the shelves!

    Use only 3 posts per shelf!

    • 8 sided kilns and smaller us the 1" wide posts
    • 10 sided and larger kilns use the 1.5" posts
    • Kiln Posts 1" wide or 1 1/2" wide, good past cone 10. 
  • Stilts for firing Ceramics


    In low fire we like to glaze the bottom of our functional pottery. Because the clays are porous and absorb water we seal the entire piece with glaze. And so that it will not stick to the shelf we use a stilt.

  • Orton Small Cones

    Orton Small Cones

    These are the small cones for the old kiln sitter. 

    If you don't see the cone number you want try using the bar cones.