Touchpad with Circuit Board all KM


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Touchpad with Circuit Board all KM
The new controller for Skutt KM kilns. Has a green display and a better readout. Has cool diagnostic features like voltage and amperage checking.

New Skutt Controller with Current Sensing
From the outside there doesn't seem to be anything different about the New Kiln Controller by Skutt. The keys are the same and the steps for entering a program have not changed; but on the inside?.

Current Sensing ? No more hiring expensive technicians to perform basic electrical tests. Every KilnMaster and GlassMaster Skutt Kiln is now equipped with a current sensor that allows remote technicians to troubleshoot your kiln right over the phone, The current sensor reads your voltage and amperage with just a few easy keystrokes accessed from the completely redesigned Menu function key. It can also check the board temperature, LED readout and a host of other useful troubleshooting data.

New Safety Features ? Ever worry about a student or employee entering the wrong temperature or cone value and causing a meltdown in your kiln? You can now enter a maximum programmable temperature which makes it impossible. You can also program the kiln so it requires 2 key presses to start the program. This prevents accidental starts by curious passerbies.

Combine the Best of ConeFire Mode and Ramp and Hold Mode ? If you have ever wanted to control the cooling on a ConeFire Program or have the controller do the Cone Correlation for you on a Ramp Hold Program your waiting is over. Through the use of new Menu Options this is not only possible but extremely easy.

These new controllers are now standard on every Skutt KilnMaster or GlassMaster Kiln. Upgrades for older models are easy to install and available now.

We give you two ways to achieve precise firings time
after time.

? Every clay body and glaze has a ?Cone? value associated with it. With the Cone Fire Mode just enter that cone value, choose a speed based on the projects size and thickness, and choose a hold time if desired to ?soak? the kiln at the peak temperature. Press START and walk away with the confidence of knowing that your kiln is running a sophisticated firing program designed by experts.
You can even set it up to auto-matically Pre-heat larger pieces before it begins the program.

? Ramp/Hold mode lets you design your own firing programs of up to eight segments. Each segment can include temperature rate, end temperature and holding time. You can store up to six profiles for easy recall. These capabilities are essential for potters, glass fusers, enamelists and jewelers. For example, it is now easy to program crystal glaze pottery firings which require long, precise soaks.
The example below shows a typical Ramp/Hold profile for a Cone 10 crystal glaze firing.

? The sealed touch pad, shown at left, is designed with single-function control buttons that are grouped to make program-ming a snap. There are no special codes to memorize?just follow the prompts. Because the KilnMaster allows you to store programs, it is simple to recall your stored program and begin the firing. A real timesaver.

? The KilnMaster frees your time for productive activities. There are no more switches to be turned up, no more junior cones to buy, store or place. No longer do you have to adjust your schedule to the kiln. Simply program in a Delay so the kiln will finish firing when it?s convenient for you to be there. You can set the temperature alarm to remind you to lower the lid. The controller can be programmed to display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. There is a built-in Cone Table for easy reference. To view the current firing segment, simply press View. If you forget which program is in memory, press Review to see the entire program, segment by segment.

? Skutt designers worked for many years to develop an automatic kiln system that could meet our standards of quality and durability. To maintain our modular, sectional kiln construction, our control box features numbered lead wires and a patented hinge that make it easy to move or repair the kiln. The control box is well insulated to protect the circuitry from heat. If your kiln is not performing properly, the KilnMaster will auto-matically give you an error message to explain the problem. It will also detect power failures, and resume the firing if power is out for a short period.
? New Software on the KilnMaster Controller allows our technicians to diagnose most problems that can occur with your kiln over the phone. This is just one of the great new features of this new controller.

? Every KilnMaster kiln comes with an instructional video which will guide you from setting up your kiln all the way through programming your first firing.

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to