Wheel Prodigy - 1/3 HP With SSX Controller


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Wheel Prodigy - 1/3 HP

        includes SSX   

This model features the same heavy duty components found on all Skutt Potter's

wheels, but it's built on a welded steel frame instead of the cast
aluminum base our other wheels have.

The removable splash pan design can be removed easily by
twisting and lifting the wheel head and removing the one-piece splash pan.
This design is cleaner and easier to use than the standard two-piece splash
pans on other wheels. Available with the round splash pan only.

  • The ½ and 1 HP motors are now considered optional upgrades. We consider the 1/3 HP motor to be the standard model. Herrick Smith threw a 6 Ft pot on a Legend wheel with a 1/3 HP motor at NCECA. Most potters will certainly not require more power than this.

  • For a limited time, FREE SSX controller option for Smooth and Quiet operation

Handles Like A Sports Car!

If wheels were fabrics…this one would be silk.The smoothness of a wheel is determined by a lot of things; the controller, the motor, the belt, the foot pedal…they all have to work together in a choreographed dance at high speeds, at low speeds, with a lot of clay and with very little. No one did a better job at coordinating these elements then Tom Forte when he designed this wheel. Sure, it is quiet, but it isn’t more important not to flop an 18″ porcelain platter?

Ultimate Value

The Prodigy was designed to give schools and entry level potters a wheel that was priced right but designed to last and not leave them longing for more power.

  • 1/3 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • 12″ Twist and Lift Cast Aluminum Wheel Head
  • Round 1 Piece Splash Pan
  • Plastic Vacuum Formed Table-top for Complete Water protection
  • …much more!

  • We purposely did not install a reversing switch on this wheel because we knew many of them would be installed in a school setting. If a student were to flip the switch while the wheel was running (which you know at least one of them will try) it would ruin the controller. If you need the wheel head to turn the opposite way it can easily be done by switching the polarity connection on the motor.

The Motor

Skutt is the only company we know of that uses a Continuous Duty motor. These motors are tested under much more rigorous conditions so they need to be built tougher. That means heavy duty components that can stand up to the strain students (and big pot potter’s) can subject them to. Sometimes bigger is better. Click here to find out why. Bigger is Better

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Prodigy Electric Wheel

  • 1/3 hp continual duty motor found on our other wheels
  • Our standard SCR Controller with individual adjustments for exacting control
  • 12" twist and lift cast aluminum wheel head with 10" bat pins
  • Round one piece splash pan
  • Plastic vacuum formed table top for complete water protection.
  • Powder coated metal base
  • Our heavy duty cast aluminum foot pedal
  • The same bearings, pulleys and 6 groove poly v belts as our other models
  • The same bearings, pulleys and 6 groove poly v belts as
    our other models
  • No reversing feature unlike our other wheels
  • 10 year warranty

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