Ware Cart Shelf Truck 5/Shelves #602

Ware Cart Shelf Truck 5/Shelves #602
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Shelf Truck
North Star Shelf Trucks are moderately priced but of industrial quality. They were originally designed for potters, but they are now used in print shops, machine shops, warehouses, hospitals and factories around the world. These trucks are a wonderful addition to any studio or school and will last a lifetime with almost no care.


There are many unique features that distinguish North Star Shelf Trucks from all others.

North Star uses a much larger, wider, stronger caster than any other manufacturer. Full 6 inch diameter American-made industrial ball bearing casters are rated at 300 pounds each (or 1,200 pounds) and roll easily, even over rough or contaminated floors. All four casters swivel for easy maneuvering and two have foot-operated parking brakes.

Shelves are supported at each end by brackets of a unique design that simply drop into square holes spaced every 2 inches along the corner uprights. The spacing between shelves and the number of shelves is instantly adjustable without tools. All shelves except the bottom one, which rides directly on the base, can be placed at any level so there is never wasted space and conveniently slide in and out. For low pieces, such as tiles, the truck can hold as many as 22 shelves.

This is the only such truck in the world engineered from ground up to ship by UPS for lowest freight cost and quickest shipping.

The truck is made entirely of heavy 14-gauge steel with North Star's blue powder coat finish. Each truck comes with four pair of shelf brackets, which will yield five shelf levels (the base carries the fifth shelf). North Star shelves are simply 24" x 36" rectangles of 1/2" MDO plywood trimmed with blue T-molding. Those who need heavier shelves, some other configuration (such as two 12" x 36" shelves per level) or who want to save on shipping cost find it easy to make their own.


North Star Trucks measure 39 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 67 inches tall. They carry 24" x 36" shelves of any thickness. Safe load capacity is 750 pounds.


Trucks are sold individually or as a "Shelf Truck Package," which is simply a Shelf Truck and a set of five shelves priced lower than the two items purchased separately. Extra brackets are quickly available and are sold by the pair or by the dozen pair.


All Heavy 14-Gauge Steel

Multiple Uses with Easy Maneuvering Ability

Highly Versatile Storage Shelves

Attractive and Highly Functional Design

Generous in Size with Easy Access to Shelves

This Product is safe to use for everyone.