Clear One Dipping 3 Gallon Bucket


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Clear One Dipping 3 Gallon Bucket


NT-CLR balances the production needs of high volume ceramic studios with superior fired performance. NT-CLR dries quickly but stays open long enough to allow for drips and runs to be smoothed away with a fan brush. Higher levels of suspension agents slow down the glaze’s tendency to settle, which means you’ll need to remix less frequently. A lower coefficient of expansion (COE) improves NT-CLR’s ability to withstand thermal shock and minimize crazing.

This glaze will fire to a smooth, crystal clear finish and has been lab tested to be compatible with leading color glaze lines. The bluish-green dye helps identify where glaze has been applied and guard against over application.

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As you know, the perfect non-toxic clear glaze has eluded us glaze manufacturers for years. All versions, including the competition, have their issues -- crazing, fading over chrome tin pinks, slow drying, hard to use, etc. The Clear One has overcome those issues. We have been field testing this formula, as well as previous versions, with studios since mid-year. Results have been great.

It's highlights include:
Clear One does not contain lead.
Clear One is food safe.
Clear One is faster drying and has fewer drips than the competitors' non-toxic dipping glazes.
If Studios are currently using C-109 Wonder Clear, switching to NT-CLR Clear One will be an easy transition.
NT-CLR Clear One has the same shiny gloss finish as C-109 Wonder Clear.
This product is priced to sell and take market share from the competitor. Sold in three gallon units only at this time

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to