Magnesium Silicate

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New Magnesium-Silicate is bright white and pure it contains no carbon or dolomite or calcium.

3Mgo4Sio2h2o Magnesium-Silicate is a flux for low and high fire glazes. It gives slight opacity and acts like magnesium in large amounts. Often a body flux in low fire. Minimum order quantity is 10 lbs. 

Description and Applications

Magnesium-Silicate that is ideal for

traditional, refractory and technical ceramic applications.
Traditional applications include:

• Wall and Floor Tiles
• Tableware
• Sanitaryware
• Electrical Insulators
• Porcelain
• Hobbyware

Magnesium-Silicate is produced from high purity ore, which provide low iron content, low surface area and excellent color in dry form as well as when incorporated with resins. Magnesium-Silicate is primarily used in performance polypropylene, where improved tensile strength, flexural modulus, heat distortion temperature, increased stiffness, reduced shrinkage, and lower compounding costs are required.

 Magnesium-Silicate is platy, hydrophobic, non-abrasive and chemically inert.

Typical Chemical Analysis

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• Si02--53.5 %
• MgO--29.5 %
• CaO--0%
• Al20 3--<0.5 %
• Fe203--<0.5%
• Ti02<--0.1 %
• K20<--0.3 %
• Quartz<-- 1%

• Loss On Ignition - 1000°C10%-?%

Quantity17689.535 OR

Magnesium-Silicate is a flux in high alumina ceramics, Sanitary ware and

dinnerware, Magnesium-Silicate produces less porous bodies
at lower temperatures.

Magnesium-Silicate can also be used in technical ceramics
where it functions as the major silicate material
replacing clays and feldspars in lower grade alumina
products such as steatite ceramics and low-expansion
cordierite materials.
Magnesium-Silicate can also be used as an economical source
of MgO.

Typical Physical Properties
• Passing 200 mesh sieve 98 %
• Passing 325 mesh sieve 89%
• Specific Gravity 2.8 glee
• Free Moisture <1 %
<!--1-->• Fired Brightness 88 +
• Fired Shrinkage 0.4%

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to