Giffin Grip Mini


Giffin Grip Mini

The Giffin Grip Mini is a re-centering tool for potters. 

Designed specifically for trimming, it works equally well for waxing the foot or banding.
After a simple one time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off  your wheel.


  • Centers and holds your pots with ease
  • Fits all standard wheel sizes, Does fit the new Shimpo Aspire™
  • Is assembled
  • Ergonomically shaped hands gently hold your pot in place
  • Works for many functions in addition to trimming, including waxing the foot & banding with oxides

Box Includes:

  • lengths of rods with hands
  • Sliders
  • Sliders

works both ways

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  • Eliminates pots flying across the studio.
  • Holds many different sizes and shapes of pots.
  • Includes all needed parts.
  •  10 year free replacement of parts
    that wear out in normal use.
  •  Cuts your trimming time in half.

This Product is safe to use for everyone.