Mug Plain Stacking 4 3/4" Height

Mug Plain Stacking 4 3/4" Height
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Duncan Mold

Plain stacking Mug mold

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The Basics
A mold is a hollow plaster form in which articles
are reproduced through the use of liquid clay. The
plaster walls of the mold absorb water from the clay
slip, producing the clay shell, or casting.
A mold can be open-faced (one-piece) or made in
sections (multiple-piece) held together with thick
rubber bands or straps.
A ceramics mold is plain on the outside. The inside of
the mold determines the shape of the casting. It can
be compared to a mirror or reverse image, because
the raised areas of the casting are hollow in the
mold, just as the incised areas are raised.
Every mold has one or more openings, called pour
holes, for the slip that will be poured into the molds.
The process of pouring slip into a mold is called
Mold Care Tips
• Clean molds before storage.
• Strap together.
• Place mold with pour hole on side, for quicker
drying and to avoid excess dust entering mold.
• Pinholes surface when molds are not clean or too
wet. To avoid pinholes, use clean, dry molds.
• Store in dry area no hotter than 120º F, avoiding
breakdown of plaster.
• Store molds according to season, theme, company
or use your own numbering system.
• Keep record of molds purchased, to include
purchase price and casting tips.
Drying Molds
• Placing mold parts together to dry will prevent
• Force-drying molds in an oven or near a hot kiln
will cause them to break, chip and crumble.
• Molds dry well on strips of wood, allowing for
circulation of air around the mold.
• Allow molds to dry evenly from all sides.
• Mold sections once dry may stick together; do
not force them open. Pour mold, then it will most
often release.
• Place an oscillating fan in the drying area. Air
movement in a damp environment may help lower
the water content in the air and gently speed up
mold drying time.
Mold Care
Properly cared-for molds can last up to 100 or more
Dispose of worn-out molds.

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Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to