Sodium Silicate Pint


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Sodium Silicate Pint

  • Called water glass in the old days it was used to seal concrete and preserve eggs.
  • In slips use 10-16 oz. in 50 gallons.
  • This is type N or 40 
  • The main Deflocculant used in ceramic casting slip.
  • Also used to destroy auto engines during the Cash For Clunkers Program
  • Paint Sodium Silicate on your wet pot on the wheel, dry with hairdries, expand the pot from the inside only!
New Mexico Clay

Sodium Silicate Pint

Liquid Sodium Silicates are solutions of soda (Na2O) and silica (SiO2)

in water. Most manufactures liquid sodium silicates from sodium silicate glass,

which is produced in furnaces by melting high purity sand with soda ash.

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to