KM1022 240 Volt Cone 10


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Skutt KM1022

Fits Most Tall Pots– Easy to Load

Part of the New 22” Series, the KM1022 was introduced to combine the benefits of the easy to load KM1018 and the desirable height of the KM1027.  At 22” deep, it has a chamber that is 4.5” taller than its predecessor, the KM1018. This makes it possible to fire an 18” tall vase with all the proper clearances. It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate. Like all other Skutt 10 sided kilns, the spring-loaded Lid Lifter is included at no extra charge. 

Also model KMT1022 with touchscreen.

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Electrical Requirements

Single Phase Models
240 Volts - 48 Amps - 11520 Watts
208 Volts - 48 Amps - 9984 Watts
Copper Wire Size: 6
Breaker Size: 60
NEMA Receptacle Configuration: 6-50

This Product is safe to use for everyone.