Sheepdog Fiberclay 8.3 Pound Box

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Sheepdog White Earthenware with Fiber 04

Introducing a new Clay from New Mexico Clay!

Sheepdog lowfire earthenware with fiber, our version of that Papered Clay!

Our fiber doesn't rot, and will fit most commercial glazes. Low Fire sculptural body that fits commercial glazes at 04-06. It contains 5% fine white sand and our superfine nylon fiber. Bisque to cone 04 glaze at 06. This clay works great for assembled sculpture, make all the parts and let them dry, all the way, then paint a slip (made of Sheepdog) on both surfaces to be joined. Roll out a thin coil of Sheepdog (to act as denture cream) Paint all surfaces including the coil press together and hold.

Many folks don't fire their sculptures, choosing to let them dry and then painting them with a hard coating like Fabric Stiffener and coloring with acrylic paints. Armatures can be made out of anything as the clay doesn't shrink much in drying.

Fire in a well ventilated kiln as the nylon burning out smells bad and makes some smoke from 450F to 900F.
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Sold in 8.3 lb increments.

Fire in a well ventilated kiln as the nylon burning out smells bad and makes some smoke from 450F to 900F.

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This Product is safe to use for everyone.