Kiln Gas 18 Raku, LP, Ignition System

245 lbs.
Kiln Gas 18 Raku, LP, Ignition System
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18 Raku Kiln with Ignition System and Thermocouple Safety Shut-off

Kiln is cranked up and down, will fire Raku pots in 20 minutes after kin is heated up. olympic raku kiln
Raku kiln Propane or Natural Gas Inside dimensions: 17 ½ " wide x 22 ½" deep, fires to cone 10/2350° F

Kiln comes with frame welded to firing chamber, two peephole plugs, brick for covering porthole on top during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card.  One-year warranty.

The ignition system with thermocouple safety shut-off is an option and the kiln may be ordered with no safety devices

This Product is safe to use for everyone.