KM614 120 Volt 14 1/2" x 13 1/2" Cone 6


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KM614 120 Volt 14 1/2" x 13 1/2" Cone 5

It Just Fits

Fits most small studios. Easy to load for those who are vertically challenged. Has all the bells and whistles of the larger kilns in a more compact size

Ceramicists love the KM-614 because it can handle the components of most ceramics projects in one load, and because it gives them better firing control. For studios firing one or more of our larger KM-series kilns, the KM-614 makes the ideal test kiln, because they can replicate firing programs precisely, regardless of the size of the kiln. The KM-614 operates  on 120V current.

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 Download a KM-614 3 Inch Brick 1 Phase 115 Volts Product Spec Sheet
KM-6141115202300Cone 6, 2250 F0.811.00 x 11.0013.5105-2029 x 28 x 2888
This Product is safe to use for everyone.