Ware Cart Brent 77" T x 24" D x 35" W


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Ware Cart Brent 77" T x 24" D x 35" W
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American Art Clay
Brent Ware
Cart EX:


Brent  Ware Cart EX buy from nmclay.com

Brent Ware Cart EX


The Strongest, Most Versatile Ware Cart You Can Buy

This heavy duty ware cart is now stronger and more versatile than
ever before! Designed to provide storage for ware in process,
drying, cooling after firing, or moving pieces, the NEW Brent Ware
Cart EX now includes these features:

  • Top/bottom frame supports that bolt into place

  • Frame is powder coated for greater durability and improved
    scratch and corrosion resistance

  • Heavy duty, totally locking casters eliminate swivel and
    turning of wheels

  • Easy assembly -- one person can assemble alone

  • 9 shelf instead of the previous 8 for greater stacking

Constructed from 1" heavy wall pipe and welded shelf supports, it is
78" high, 35" wide and 24" deep. The four 4" diameter rubber swivel
casters roll easily when cart is loaded and can be firly locked in
place when needed. Ware cart is shipped unassembled in one carton.
An optional set of 12" x 32", 1/2" thick exterior plywood shelves is
also available and is shipped in a separate carton.

Brent Ware Cart EX Product Details:


Ware Cart EX 22633P ....

Optional Shelves 22634R ....  

Set of 12 shelves made from 1/2" exterior grade plywood.

Replacement Plastic Cover 22827F ....

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Shipping Dimensions: 24.00" x 35.00" x 77.00"

Shipping Weight: 95.00 lbs. 
This Product is safe to use for everyone.