Mica Clay

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FireBox 8 x 8 x 6 2230F 115V

Regular Price: $850.00


FireBox 8 x 8 x 6

 2230F 115V

  • Single Phase 115v 15amp 1800watts 2250F max temp ^6 Dimensions 8” 8” 6”
  • Built in Programs for Glass, Ceramics, and PMC
  • Write your own programs with Ramp/Hold
  • Plugs into standard household voltage.
  • Easily stores away in a closet when not in use.
  • Approximately 8" x 8" in. in diameter and 6 in. high  0.22 cubic feet, fits one 6" bowl.

Fire Ceramics, Glass, Metal Clay...this kiln does it all with easy to use preset programs.


Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled. Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:

  • ● 7" x 7" shelf
  • ● 3 1/2" posts
  • ● 1 lb Kiln wash
  • ● Manual
  • ● Instructional DVD
  • Thermocouple

 The low mass of Skutt thermocouples ensures that changes in temperature are measured quickly making it one of the most responsive thermocouples on the market. It should be noted that the thermocouple of this unit is different from other models. It is bent downward to provide more room in the firing chamber.  

KilnMaster LT Controller

 The KM Firebox 8 x 6 LT digital now comes standard with the most versatile 3-button controller on the market. The KilnMaster LT now has nearly all the features of the standard KilnMaster in a compact 3-button controller. Small yet powerful.

Mica Clay

Mica Clay

Mined in the Manzano Mountains, this naturally micaceous clay is airfloated. We then blend in other natural minerals to make the closest thing to digging up your own clay in Taos NM! This mica clay is rough and possesses little plasticity. Native American pottery is traditionally coiled thickly, then scraped down to as thin as needed. Scraping it with a thin metal rib (Kemper's S4) refines the shape. The pots are then polished by hand using either a soft cloth, smooth rock, or even a stainless steel spoon. Micaceious clay is traditionally wood fired outdoors to temperatures of around 1200 F. The interesting colors, caused by smoke and fire, range from red to orange to gray. It is important to remember NOT to fire burnished pots over cone 08 as the shine will fade.

Fun to work with!

Micaceous clay is very forgiving. It is great for Raku, burnishing, and pit firing. Kids love it, as there is no need for additional decoration. Only one firing required!

One box of clay ships in a Priority Mail 2-Day Large Flat Rate Box for $18.85

Anywhere in the US even Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii!

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  • Mica Red Low fire (018 to 04)

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    $0.51 As low as: $0.33

    Bean Pot on the stove by Clarence CruzMica Red Low fire (018 to 04)

    MICA RED Sold in 25lb increments. Is a clay similar to Indian pottery from around Northern New Mexico. The clay is from the Manzano Mountains here in Albuquerque. MICA RED can be glazed if bisqued to cone 04.

    For cooking pots bisque to cone 010 to 017.


  • Mica White Lowfire Earthenware (04-018)

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    $0.60 As low as: $0.39

    Mica White Lowfire Earthenware (04-018)

    MICA WHITE  Is a  clay similar to Indian pottery from around New Mexico. Mica was mined near Taos, New Mexico but the mine is closed. This clay can be glazed if bisqued to 04.

    Cooking up some red chili carne adovada

    Burnish and fire to cone 08-010.


    Sold in 25lb increments.

  • Puki

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    A Puki is a bowl shaped mold
     that is used to shape the bottom of a larger coiled pot.

  • Mica 20C Coarse

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    Mica 20C Coarse
  • Mica 60C Fine

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    $2.63 As low as: $0.89
    Mica 60C Fine

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