Glaze Materials



Glaze Materials

Glaze Materials

GLAZE MATERIALS are available in different amounts, stated on each individual item. There are price breaks for the more you buy!! 

  • Zinc Oxide Calcined AP 506

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85

    Zinc Oxide Calcined 

    In general, zinc increases the maturing range of a glaze, promotes higher gloss, brightens colors and reduces expansion.  It is used extensively in once fired Bristol Glazes and crystalline glazes.

    AP 506

  • Zircopax Plus

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85
    Zircopax Plus
  • Ochre Yellow 1158

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85


    Yellow ochreFeO(OH)·nH2O, is a hydrated iron hydroxide (limonite) 

     used as a luster pigment.


  • Volcanic Ash NM (Pumice)

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85
    Volcanic Ash NM (Pumice)
  • Vanadium Pentoxide

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85
    Vanadium Pentoxide
  • Umber Burnt

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85
    Umber Burnt
  • Titanium Dioxide

    $7.96 As low as: $4.85

    Titanium Dioxide

    (TIO2) is a major opacifier when used either alone or in a frit. Like rutile, it is an impure form of titanium containing iron. When used in quantity it will produce a semi-matte surface. 

  • Tin Oxide Ceramic Grade 99.9% ND

    $25.28 As low as: $15.42

    Tin Oxide Ceramic Grade 99.9% ND

    TIN OXIDE- CERAMIC GRADE (TIN) is also known as stannic oxide. The best, most effective opacifier. 5-7% produces a completely white, opaque glaze. Remains suspended well but too much produces a dull finish. Minimum order quantity is .25 lb.

  • Strontium Carbonate Fine China

    $3.03 As low as: $1.85
    Strontium Carbonate Fine China
  • Spodumene Australian

    $3.94 As low as: $2.41

    Spodumene Australian

     Chem Grd (55.14 in a bag sold by the pound)

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    $2.50 As low as: $1.52
    Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Soda Ash Na?Co Dense

    $1.51 As low as: $0.92
    Soda Ash Na?Co Dense
  • Rutile Milled Grade

    $10.92 As low as: $6.66

    RUTILE- CERAMIC GRADE (RUTILE) is an impure oxide of titanium. It also carries small amounts of iron and vanadium. It is used as a tan colorant. It also has wide use when mixed with other colors. Minimum order quantity is 1 lb.

  • Potassium Carbonate

    $5.51 As low as: $3.36
    Potassium Carbonate
  • Petalite (Lithium Feldspar)

    $4.20 As low as: $2.56

    Petalite (Lithium Feldspar) is a lithium aluminium phyllosilicate mineral LiAlSi₄O₁₀

    Melting point1350 °C

  • Lead Oxide Red (poison)

    Lead Oxide Red (poison)
  • Nickel Carbonate Green

    $28.85 As low as: $17.60

    Nickel Carbonate Greenish

    NICKEL Carbonate: Both Black and Green Nickel serve almost solely as a colorant. Depending on flux and ratio of alumina a wide variety of colors is possible. Minimum order quantity is .1 lb.

    A powerful and refractory colorant that produces greys, blues, and yellows. It is  less strong  than nickel oxide  Normal additions are 2-5%.

    Order any Amount as a decimal like .25 for a quarter lb.

  • Nickel Oxide Black NiO

    $24.66 As low as: $15.04

    Nickel Oxide Black NiO

    Order any Amount as a decimal like .25 for a quarter lb.

  • Magnesium Carbonate (white Fluffy) 55

    $7.67 As low as: $4.68
    Magnesium Carbonate (white Fluffy) 55
  • Manganese Carbonate Brown

    $10.81 As low as: $6.59
    Manganese Carbonate Brown