Kiln 28.25" x 31.5" Gas

Kiln 28.25" x 31.5" Gas


Model - 2831G//Propane or Natural Gas

Inside dimensions: 28 ¼ " wide x 31 ½ " deep, fires to cone 10/2350°F
Model comes with burner system, four peephole plugs, brick for covering porthole on top during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card.

One-year warranty.

11.67 Cu Ft

46x45.5 outside
10/2350°F max
70 btu per burner
280,000 BTU per Hour
LP/NG 4 burners 3/4” pipe size
12 gallons propane per cone 10 firing
#40 9/64 orifice sizes

Olympic Raku & Torchbearer gas kilns bisque, high fire (cone 10), reduce, and raku. Olympic updraft gas kilns are constructed from durable firebrick and equipped with venturi burner systems to ensure even temperature firings.

Torchbearer kilns with their portability offer many advantages such as low initial cost, convenient movement for demonstration firings, and for use in situations where space does not permit the installation of large permanent kilns. Torchbearer models fire using either natural gas or propane and may be easily adjusted for oxidation and reduction firings. The multiple burner configuration gives the Torchbearer even heating characteristics, fast controllable firing times and economical operation.  Additional rings may be added to the Torchbearer or decreased in size conforming to what the kiln operator needs.

Models can be purchase with burners only or with the option of a burner system which includes an ignition to light multiple burners at one point, maintain the flame on each burner and re-ignite any burner that may extinguish. The thermocouple safety shut-off will stop the gas flow if the flame is lost entirely.

Torchbearer models come with the burners welded onto the kiln stand, peephole plugs, a brick for covering the porthole on top of the kiln lid, and instruction manual,  One-year Limited Kiln warranty.

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline (airborne particles of respirable size), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to