Clear One Dipping 3 Gallon Bucket


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Clear One Dipping 3 Gallon Bucket

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  • As you know, the perfect non-toxic clear glaze has eluded us glaze manufacturers for years. All versions, including the competition, have their issues -- crazing, fading over chrome tin pinks, slow drying, hard to use, etc. The Clear One has overcome those issues. We have been field testing this formula, as well as previous versions, with studios since mid-year. Results have been great. It's highlights include: Clear One does not contain lead. Clear One is food safe. Clear One is faster drying and has fewer drips than the competitors' non-toxic dipping glazes. If Studios are currently using C-109 Wonder Clear, switching to NT-CLR Clear One will be an easy transition. NT-CLR Clear One has the same shiny gloss finish as C-109 Wonder Clear. This product is priced to sell and take market share from the competitor. Sold in three gallon units only at this time
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