Top 10 Presents For Potters

Top 10 Presents For Potters

Top 10 Presents For Potters.

Everybody needs a gift sometimes and you say to yourself

 "I don't know what a potter or clay artist might want"

 Well here are a few suggestions!

  • Apron No Pocket Black


    Apron No Pocket Black

  • Cobalt Carbonate


    Cobalt Carbonate

    COBALT CARBONATE (45-47 1/2% cobalt by weight) is a very strong coloring oxide used in glazes and stains to produce blues. Disperses well for even color. Combined with magnesium, a purple is possible. A little goes a long way. 

    Minimum order quantity is 1/4 lb. type .25 (COCO)

  • Gift Certificate


    Gift Certificate

    What do you know about what your favorite potter needs? Why worry? Gift certificate and a NMCLAY catalog will be mailed to the Potter on your list.
    You may get one in any amount how 'bout: Order in multiples of $20 
    $20.00 cheap 
    $40.00 better 
    $100.00 very generous 
    $200.00 can I have your phone # ? Please Indicate who you want the Gift Certificate for by adding them on as an alternate shipping address, the Gift will be sent to that address.

  • Pottery Tool Kit PTK

    Regular Price: $23.99

    Special Price $19.19

    Pottery Tool Kit PTK