Mayco Stoneware Glazes

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Mayco Stoneware Glazes

Mayco Stoneware Glazes 

Cone 5-6 Pints, Sophistication and Reliability

Mayco’s Stoneware glaze assortment, including Opals, Ices, and Washes, offers a variety of finishes, textures and endless possibilities for glaze combinations. Designed to perform from cones 5-10, in oxidation or reduction firing processes on stoneware clay body of choice. Artists will appreciate the consistency of performance and control of movement. Artists will find amazing glaze combinations to expand the creative possibilities in the studio. Whether it is a pairing with a Mayco Wash, one of our Clears or a complex surface like SW-127 Olivine, these layering techniques will improve the work of any clay enthusiast.

General Use : Use Mayco Stoneware Glazes on any midrange clay body. These glazes are intended for use at cone range 4-6 but are also stable and pleasing at cone 10. Can be used in oxidation, reduction or other alternative atmospheric firing conditions. Always test prior to use.

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