Duncan Molds

KM822 240 Volt 17.5" x 22" Cone 10

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Skutt KM-822 Electric Kiln

Perfect Small Studio Kiln– Easy to Load  

Part of the New 22” Series, the KM822 offers 4.5” more height then the KM818. This doesn’t sound like much until you need to add another shelf or want to fire a taller pot or sculpture. Fire a 18” tall piece with all the proper clearances. The 22” height coupled with its Cone 10 capability and small space requirements make it a perfect kiln for the home studio.It comes equipped with the precise control of the KilnMaster Controller making it easy and convenient to operate. 

Also available in model KM822-3 with energy saving brick.

Duncan Molds

Duncan's DM Casting Molds

Not made by Duncan but from the originals. Slip Casting is fun and easy.


The Basics

A mold is a hollow plaster form in which articles

are reproduced through the use of liquid clay. The

plaster walls of the mold absorb water from the clay

slip, producing the clay shell, or casting.

A mold can be open-faced (one-piece) or made in

sections (multiple-piece) held together with thick

rubber bands or straps.

A ceramics mold is plain on the outside. The inside of

the mold determines the shape of the casting. It can

be compared to a mirror or reverse image, because

the raised areas of the casting are hollow in the

mold, just as the incised areas are raised.

Every mold has one or more openings, called pour

holes, for the slip that will be poured into the molds.

The process of pouring slip into a mold is called


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22 Item(s)