concepts 8oz

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KMT1027 240 Volt Cone 10

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ESPECKLED Cone 5-6 stoneware

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concepts 8oz

Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque 8 ounce size

DUNCAN FIRED PRODUCTS: Concepts: Due to diminished sales, Concepts will be discontinued on September 1, 2022. Four Concept colors (listed below) have been selected to be color-matched into the Stroke & Coat formula in February 2023. 

The colors being matched are: CN293 Dark Purple CN261 Light GrapeCN041 Light Papaya CN151 Light Blue Spruce

The easiest way to add color to bisque was with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque. With an easy-to-use color chart featuring light, bright and dark color values, anyone can expertly enjoy the excitement of creativity. Whether you desire translucent or solid coverage, simple designs or the detailed majolica technique, Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque makes the Ceramic Arts experience quick and easy! 

How to use: Bisque your earthenware clay to cone 04, apply 1-3 coats of color letting the underglaze dry between coats. let dry and glaze with a clear glaze like Pure Brilliance clear glaze (2 thin coats). Fire to cone 06

Colors are available in 2-oz., 8-oz. squeeze bottles Firing rage: cone 06 to cone 6