Artisan Glazes

KM1027 240 Volt Cone 10

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

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Artisan Glazes

Duncan Artisan Glazes for 06 Are all Discontinued and out of stock.

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Artisan Glazes  4oz bottle and pints, Non-toxic -- Achieve the look of mid-range glazes with the low-fire Artisan Glazes, a line that replicates cone 5-6 fired colors with just a cone 06 fire. Duncan Artisan Glazes are the unintimidating choice for artist and potters who want o layer glazes on bisque created from low-fire clay bodies. Trust Duncan Artisan Glazes to provide the luscious colorations of mid-range glazes in a fearless low-fire glaze application.