Duncan Brushes and Tools

Pure Brilliance Clear Gallon Brushing

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ChoCoLate, very dark, cone 5-6

$0.81 Per Pound

Duncan Brushes and Tools

Duncan Brushes and Tools

Economical to extraordinary, here are the tools you need to make beautiful works of art.  


Discovery Brushes  Discovery Brushes are the versatile basics. brushes that let you discover the fun of ceramics.

Signature brushes  These premium quality brushes are carefully handcrafted. BEST for detailed brushwork.

Debut Taklon Brushes  Debut Taklon Brushes are distinguished by firm body and shape retention

Economy Brush Kits The convenient way to buy brushes for most any type of decorating project

Tools for Ceramics You'll use tools for cleaning ........

  • Discovery Brushes

    Duncan Discovery Brushes

    Perfect for beginners, Duncan’s Discovery brush line is versatile and affordable, with a wide range of brush tips for your project needs. Discover the joy of ceramics with our Discovery basics! Discovery Brushes are the versatile basics. Brushes that let you discover the fun of ceramics. The BR's

  • Brush Kits

    Duncan Brush Kits

    Duncan brush kits are the convenient and easy way to purchase brushes for almost any type of ceramic project. Whether you’re a novice or expert, and need round, flat or liner brushes, we’ve got you covered. Creating the perfect project means having just the right tools.

  • Signature Brushes

    Duncan Signature Brushes

    These premium quality brushes are carefully handcrafted for professional looking results. 

    Signature brushes are handmade by master craftspeople with years of experience, and each brush must pass careful inspection. Signature brushes are durable. Properly cared for these brushes will perform for a longtime, making them some of the most economical brushes you can own. 

    Made from natural hairs like Red Sable and Badger.  
     (These have a clear handle )

  • Duncan Debut Taklon Brushes

    Duncan Debut Taklon Brushes

    Debut Taklon Brushes are distinguished by firm body and shape retention that enable the user to produce crisp fine lines, extraordinarily controlled brushstrokes and extremely smooth solid- color coverage and glaze application. These brushes work best with acrylic paints such as the OS's
    (These now have a clear handle)

  • Tools For Ceramics

    Duncan Tools for Ceramics

    Tools Made Just for Ceramics

    Duncan offers the perfect tool for every task! Whether you need to clean, smooth or accent your greenware, our tools are here to help you create a masterpiece!