Creamware Talc Free Earthenware


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Creamware Talc Free Earthenware

Creamware was a cream-colored, refined earthenware with a clear glaze over a pale body. It was created in 1740 by the potters of Staffordshire, England, and became a popular domestic ware until the 1840s. 
Our Clay is a smooth earthenware, completely Talc Free! So it has a pleasing color when wet, no ugly gray talc feeling, and low shrinkage.  Dry shrinkage averages 6.3% and it shrinks 1% more during firing! Also the finished ware feels light for the size.
Creamware is light colored in the bag and while not white, it looks like clay. Smooth and easy to work with as it has a high clay content for a white earthenware. 
Bisque to cone 04, glaze to 06.

  • Shrinkage  7%
  • Penetrometer  5
  • Absorption  8%
Fits all Duncan & Mayco clear glazes, test for crazing if that is important. Bisquing to 03 may help prevent crazing with problematic glazes.
Developed as a result of generally hating the color and feel of talc. The main talc is from a mine in Van Horn Texas, the raw material is charcoal grey but fires white. The Texas talc is tremolite free and platey in structure, but is contains silica so is treated as toxic in the dry form.